My 20s is only 4 more years left :O

Hello! Been absent for so long, yet I still don't have the heart to ditch this blog. I literally grew up with this blog with me. I had started writing when I had a lot of broken heart 4 or 5 years ago LOL. Well, I am that kind of a person who tends to write when I feel sad, or happy. So, what have I been feeling recently?

Grateful and unprepared - almost all of the time.

Why grateful?

1. Because, I have all that I need, in my 26, I have a great husband, a lovely daughter, a growing good career and what's most important is that I know exactly what I want and what I need to do to get what I want.

Why unprepared?

2. Because, life tends to surprise us. I almost have always caught up unprepared for most of things. I think just got lucky a lot. LOL.

So the other day, I was talking to my friend, casually. There are few things that make me realize, it is not easy being 20s. Especially in our age, in this age. If I were asked by a person, whether ready or I am not having a family in such a very young age, I would be brutally honest about it saying that, yes I was ready to get married but I was unprepared to be a relatively young mother. That's also why maybe I got a little blues here and there although I am saying being a mother of Anya is an ultimate happiness, it really is.
It was different when I was only 21, 22, relationships made me crazy, I fell in love, I broke up many times, I thought I was in love, and I realized that person wasn't, or the other way around. I learned a lot of harsh truths when I hit my 20s. I made bad decisions, I made great ones too. Let's have a look to your few years back, we would feel like we've made enough mistakes and don't want to disappoint anyone again. One bad decision won't ruin your life though, but it helps you make the right one.
Other thing that I feel burdening is peer pressure doesn't go away, sometimes you feel the pressure of having to need to achieve something in the certain age, and often these pressures just don't align with who we are, so we become angry with ourselves. But in time, we will begin to accept ourselves the way we are.
And we realized, we don't have so many friends like we had before. Our interests may change, our daily activities would barrier us so much in meeting up, and sometimes you feel sad about this. Yes, 20s would steal this to you sooner or later, it is a bitter truth but as time goes by, you can't have everything just like when you were young, you feel like you and your friends own the world.

But yes, life changed, everything changed. But it is good.
So, happy belated birthday to myself, just before we end this good month of October.

Thank you Prancing Peony for the loveliest bouquet ever!

Got surprised in the office, thank you husband.


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