Sunshine in Strassbourg

Pretty little store in Strasbourg

That red box.

No filter needed. Blue sky, flying birds. Warm.

Typical river-side in Europe.

I was on a boat trip sight-seeing Strassbourg, France.

Cool one!

I admit I miss this nuance.

To explore the world is a gift which the majority of the world will never have the opportunity to do. I am glad that I have experienced being away from home (although it was only a year). When I meet people in the countries I visited, they always smile from ear to ear when they hear about where I come from, what an exotic country I was born in.

And I eventually came back home. When I meet my friends here, they fascinated with my stories, when I visit France, or Spain. Most of them said, "Wow, I wish I could travel to those places like you.", and pangs of guilt strike me every time. I should say that I honestly don't travel so much, of course I believe that you have to know pain to know pleasure, so strong emotions make me who I am. That being said gilt I mentioned, made me self-reflect on other emotions I experience when I'm on the road.

1. Appreciation
Go listen Passenger - Let Her Go. I found the lyric best describes my feeling when I was on the road away from home.
"Only hate the road when you're missing home."
2. Enjoyment
Simple I know, but seeing and doing things out of the ordinary every day is something very special. It's fun, exciting and most of all it's enjoyable.

3. Loneliness
Loneliness is something that every traveler experiences, you see a beautiful sunrise or a forest covered all up with snow but no one there to share it with you. You wish so much that your friends or family could be there so you could appreciate it together, and that's normal. This is what I felt during my trip to Strassbourg. Even though I was with Resa's good Aunt that time, I feel lonely. I wished for so much that I could have shared the boat trip with Resa. But as I travel there something clicked in my mind and I realized that sure it may be true that:
"Happiness is only real when shared" - Alexander Supertramp
4. Frustration
I must admit I suffer from this a lot.

  • "When I ask how far, I'd like a distance or a time, 'quite far' doesn't tell me much!" especially when it was in other language than English
You get the picture, right? Traveling, and being away from home teaches us patience for sure, it just takes some of us a little longer to learn it than others.

5. Love
Love hit me in different ways on the road, love for a country, love for old friends and family, love for my new friends, love for my home. All of it is awesome, to break your comfort zone and find love in something you're either doing now or missing from back home is a great thing. Being traveled away from home, you will find new loves, I guess, you go with it.

I will leave this post to my dearest friend @bungaistyani go to her cool blog here : Cliche-Au-Lait by Bunga Istyani I am sure she will feel the same way as I do.

The best capture I got in my camera, it's blurred and ..you're cropped. Sorry, Bungi!


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