Long Term Goals?

I have just read an article about financial planning, well, I have read a lot of them but this one clearly pinched my heart. I realized way before that, rich people think differently than average people. It's not that me and Resa don't plan well on our lives especially on our financial, coming to realize we have a baby now. But, as normal as it may sound, to new family like us, we might still to learn on baby steps.

Well, anyway, since I was in college, I was, and am still quite diligent to take notes on my spending, and even Resa's. Up until now, I have my little 'black book'-no, not a book that consists of  my male mistress phone numbers, no- but, yes, I name it a black book, because it is very, very private. Not even Resa can open it without my permission. Okay, so back on the article I read, find it here Something About Aay. I am putting myself so much alike the writer. It's not that I am claiming myself as a shopaholic, no, but I have a quite low consciousness on financial. Resa and I, yes, we have put some amount on the investment, which is going good so far, but I really want to be able to put 50% of my monthly salary, for some real investment, as for like mutual funds. Because, yes, honestly, 50% is quite a bit far for me.

To make it happen, some expenses cuts that I need to do are the following :
1. Shoes and bags, because I buy them each, once a month, to reward myself. Now come to a better thinking of my financial future ...reward of what?
2. (I honestly never buy clothes, so worry free on retail-clothing-boutiques!)
3. Taxi expense. (Call me a doll, but for this one, I can't). It's either getting picked up by my husband, or my sister, or taxi, or I will cancel my trip on the go.
4. Nongkrong-nongkrong or hanging out on a weekly basis. This must be cut! For you who read this, please be honest to yourself, how much money you spend on this one on a weekly or monthly basis, try to compile all your receipts, you must be then surprised on how big the amount is. Probably for me, I will try to cut it to a monthly thingy rather than weekly. I have realized that Resa and I are using a huge amount of spending when it comes to this. Maybe we will miss out on time with friends as well, but this will give even a bigger impact for our long plan ahead.

I found a good article to read also, in which it says :
“If you’re living paycheck to paycheck because you know a lot of those dollars are going toward long-term financial goals, I think that’s really a good thing,” says Katie Brewer, a Certified Financial Planner for LearnVest Planning Services.
"The more difficult the situation is, the higher you will rise if you think correctly about it."~Harriet Hale Rix, The Rich Mentality 
Prosperity is a way of thinking. So is poverty. You are poor if you believe yourself to be poor, and you are rich if you can think rich thoughts, and it's not always materialistic. But, I want to amplify this frugal living for my long-term financial goals. Because, I want my kids to live prosper, and to think prosper. How? This is a question I can not answer. Can you?

See here also, an article about David Sapper, a car salesman and his Tina, a real estate broker, live on a set budget of $2,500 from their two paychecks that must cover all groceries, health care bills and extracurricular expenses here : Why You Should Be Living Paycheck to Paycheck.

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