Dear Bunga : The One with The Thumb

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Although our latest meeting was a year ago, and we don't see each other very frequent that doesn't make me ban you from the list of people I care most, you made yourself on the A-List since 3 years ago. I remember clearly our journey in Germany back then, the memory I'd like to treasure forever. I honestly can't really remember the day we first met. I was your jutek senior, though. That, I remember. Bunga, you were the tallest among the other people, and that what made you stand out. I remember you told me you play basketball, and from there I knew where you got your envious posture. Swear to God, you were so tall I could only envy. I know you're different from the others, when I got to know what music you listened to, and what a book-worm you are. It was only an era of Facebook Notes, and I remember clearly you did like to write in the notes, just like me. Then, we got to know better when we were away from home. We shared the same feelings, the same broken hearts, the same experiences, the same cold biting winter. Frankfurt, our favorite city among others cities in Germany. We drew quite a lot of memories there, from boots sale ...to our Lebaran session in KJRI Frankfurt. Gosh, I miss those days!

The day you published your book. Elevator. I was a very proud friend, I bought it directly online, and after I read it, I asked my sisters, my cousins to buy it also. So here, I am giving you a thumb up for that! Virtually!

I knew you are a smart-ass. I knew it from your liking. You always dig sci-fi and I am now encouraging you to write one novel! I know you can do it.

You were very honest to me, even with your big secrets, this what made me put a big trust on you, the same exact way. I didn't know that we would be close, at all. But I am glad that we are now, even years have already passed by. 

I knew we clicked so much, joking with you on F.R.I.E.N.D.S quotes, B. We need to get back on our plan, buying the original version of complete series, and watch it, make it a monthly agenda. I am sure our kids (Anya and your future kids) will share the same taste. 

Blog Collabo
Anyway, this is the first time being open to her. LOL. We are doing a blog collaboration, merely because we want to blog regularly, not depending on mood! So, the idea of this blog-collab is very wide. We kinda want to start it with this one. If you want to know her better, go visit her blog here http://www.cliche-au-lait.com/ and follow her Instagram http://instagram.com/clicheaulait
What I love so much about her blog is that she gives so much tips and tricks on healthy life-style, and also make up, which I also dig a lot. Probably, we will going to do a collab on the two things I mentioned. Finger crossed!
Graduating College
How we express exactly about it. :)
Anyway, contrary to your liking in putting ice to your coffee, I admire your writing on the blog Au-Lait. 


Check out her letter to me here : Dear Nana...

Although you probably can't recall, yet I still clearly remember the very first day I met you. The memories are very clear I was so stunned at your cute bangs back then (seriously, for real I was). It was one very hot and nerve-wracking day for it was the first time I stepped into college and had to be interviewed for the whole campus orientation related stuffs. My mind was blank, yet excited, yet scared, yet somewhat I was very sure that I'd be getting one cool experience I won't forget. 

Long story short, back then it had never crosses my mind that I'll ended up having a very good friendship with you someday. I swear to God, YOU were one of the most jutekseniors among all, it scared me in the same time it amused me. I mean, it's not that you were being evil or just had to perform a role of the bad-cop guy, you know. You talked to me, you led me, you told me things I should do as a freshman. It's just, you NEVER smiled during the whole Campus Orientation activities, not even a tiny flinch of curvy lips. You had this straight, cool, eyebrow-raised expression on your face and you kept it the whole day. And honestly, I was afraid of you. (HEY DO NOT LAUGH AT ME, YOU EVILLY DEVILLY ACTRESS!)

Yes, in the end, I finally knew it was all just mere an act for the sake of Ospek and you have a very gorgeous smile you should know that. 

I was probably too astonished by your appearance as an evil senior so I was scared to talk to you even when all the orientation thingy were ended. I found that we were on the same class and I had this curiosity thought of what kind of person you are as a friend, not as Teteh Nana. But still, I didn't know why I was probably too shy to take the initiation of starting conversation with you especially I am originally a very passive and awkward person. And then one day you were the one who started it. The very first conversation of us, friend-to-friend wise. 
"Bung, lo juga ambil Kreatives Schreiben A kan ya? Bareng dong. Di mana sih kelasnya? Eh plis gausah panggil gue Teteh ya, geuleuh."
Years and years and years passes by, and look at us now. I can say that you are one of the person I really care about, the person who shares same likings and interests with me, the person who understands me, the person who walks with me on the same path even though we were dealing with our own problems back then, the person who knows me really, like, really well. The person who shares secrets with me and the person who keeps my secrets :))

The person I trust. The person who inspires. 

And… the person who does this BLOG-COLLABO writings with me, WOOHOOOO~! 

Yes, readers, both of us are bloggers and we both have the same passion for writings. Although I have to admit that we only write in our own blog when we're both in the mood. Seriously our blog-mood craze probably fluctuates so much yet in the end we always ended up back to our blog. We're occasional bloggers, let's just call it that way then. 

This blog-collabo we're currently doing, are one of our attempt to be better bloggers. To write better, to post more, to speak up, to tell more stories, to capture the moments and make it linger. To cherish the existence of our life in this world. To create footprints. :)

So, starting from now, you will find some posting that I write in collaboration with her. It is more likely like we're both having a conversation through our blogpost. An open conversation everyone can enjoy and also be a part of it. Who knows that someday we might be having a blog-collabo with you too, perhaps? 

Anyway, to make it less confusing I will put 'Dear Nana,..' on the title of every blog-collabo posts I'm about to write. And I guess that will also make it easier to read and to know which one is the reply to which one. You know what I'm saying, right? :-/

This is her blog and you might as well want to read more of her writings for she is one talented writer out there.http://arikaindra.blogspot.com

She has one beautiful daughter named Anya and you will also get daily dose of Anya's cute photos (and also sometimes funny meme of her, made by the Daddy) if you decided to follow her on twitter/instagram. Come on, is there anything cuter in the universe than cute babies? 

Read more here : Dear Nana...


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