A Miracle Happens: Abrianna Sophia Putriresa

It has been 7 months that I've last updated my blog. Life has been magical, I have been, honestly, busy. What's new?

Of course, the 9 month-awaited-baby girl has born in this world. She's perfectly healthy and beautiful. I really think she's the great addition in my life after my husband. Although she's already 4 months old now, I'd like to share you our new journey by posting few pictures of this adorable baby girl of ours.

Let me introduce Abrianna Sophia Putriresa, we all call her Anya. Just simple little sweet princess-ly name that I always adore, Anya.
(I still can hardly believe that I am a mother now, that I have a daughter now).

Hello, readers!
Anya on her first day coming in the world. Welcome, Baby Girl!

Day 7, after we brought her home. That cute little eye.
 She is the epitome of cuteness. :)


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