Surprise Black Box!

This week I received a mysterious black box, and it turns out that the black box came from Garnier Indonesia. Yay! Thank you Garnier!

For their products, I find the facial srub foam is pretty okay for me, I have used 1 tube and haven't re-purchased again ever since. I was only using it for one time per week. I didn't really notice if it has a significant impact on my face skin, but I realized the feeling after washing the face using it was always refreshing.

But then, this box came with a facial foam too, and it's the newest one. It's called Light Complete Black Foam. It has vegetal charcoal to help for a deep cleansing and purification of skin from dirt, oil and polution. The other stuffs inside it is emblica which I don't know what it is but it says that it will help to brighten the skin and boost up the radiance. Well, let's see what this foam can do to my face skin after a month usage. I will tweet the updates up on my Twitter, if you would like to know the result please follow me @arikaindra and also @GarnierID.

The black box didn't only came out with 'only' a facial foam, but what makes me happy is that it came with several different pretty things! How exciting. And yet, one of my favorite color is black.

So here I am unboxing it..

A hello letter from Garnier.

A cute bracelet which I can wear on a daily basis.

The box, which I can use for an accessories storage? Cool.

A purse! Even came out with a purse. Pretty useful.

Fave item, big sized black earrings. Did I ever mention that I never go out wthouut wearing earrings?

And a hairpiece, which I know I won't be wearing but still, pretty stuff!

Well, thank you again for sending me this and try out Garnier's product as well, okay, Readers!


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