Our Not-So-Honeymoon Trip October 2012

Late post!

A story of our not-so-honeymoon on October 2012.
A day right after the wedding procession, we decided to go to Bali for our honeymoon. We planned to celebrate my 24th Birthday in Bali. Husband gave me the trip as the birthday gift, and a nice dinner also when we're there. Too bad we didn't bring a decent camera to document our honeymoon trip so there are only few pictures I can post up here.

At first it was just us, but then my Big sister and her husband decided to come along with us to Bali. They even booked the same flight as ours, but different hotel of course. Then, my best friends who came from Germany to attend my wedding also decided (kind of in the last minute) to join the trip. So it was 8 of us who went there. See, it's not a honeymoon, of course.

But in fact, we're happy they came along with us! Since all of them live in Germany, a trip like this would be such a rare moment to experience.


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