Mother-Daughter First Trip Together

On April, GroupM Indonesia held a company trip to China and HongKong. I joined the trip even though I was around 5 months pregnant. But doctor said it's a perfect time to go. So, there I went. It wasn't really an exhausting trip since it was a group trip. I managed to stay healthy and be in the prefect condition while I am there, although when we need to cross the immigration between HK and China, it was pretty tiring. Well, hmm, what I did enjoy when I was there was the food (at first few days) because it's Chinese food galore, d'uh. But after 2 days I didn't enjoy it really well. It was so boring until the point I was only having rice and ikan teri (Thank God they provide ikan teri there since they know that more than 300 persons are in the group and mostly Indonesian can't really suit foreign food).

I visited few attractions of HK and Shenzen, although all I could remember was I shopped a lot! LOL. Yes, HK is a shopping paradise. I've bought quite plenty of things there, and they were quite cheap comparing if you buy them in Indonesia.

So here are pictures from HK Day 1. Right after we took off the plane we were directed to a local resto to have breakfast. The dimsum and the bubur were great.

Office mates.
Then we went off to visit Madame Tussauds museum. I didn't expect it to be fun, but if you go there with some friends, you can take funny pictures with them to commemorate on your visits.

Then we went off to Nguong Ping to experience 7km cable car. It was nice seeing from above, and this also was a location where Running Man shot their China Special episode, if I am not mistaken.

China Day 2 pictures :

Quite like the real Eiffel :))

A great show involving more than 1000 people.

HK day 3 &4 pictures :

Tasted good!

Quick tips on travelling whilst being pregnant :

- Make sure you have permission from the doctor, consult any health related stuffs that might occur during the trip.
- Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. List down all the stuffs that you need during the trip and make sure you don't miss anything. Especially for medicines.
- Make sure you're eating well. You will need it to move around a lot. You can't really depend on anyone especially while travelling alone without husband accompanying you.
- Do a little research before going. You might need to know if you need to walk around so much in the place that you are going to visit.
- Make sure you rest well at night, you need to re-gain your energy.
- Enjoy the trip and avoid complaining! 


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