It's Getting Bigger!

A while ago, I was trying to move my aching body a bit by swimming, I was hoping that I could get relaxed by it, and it's true, after swimming I feel a little better on my back pain, although until now my ribs are still hurting. I am back at the office though. Another thing that I have realized, by being pregnant, I never feel so alone. It's like being accompanied by someone really close, well literally yes. I told you once I was afraid being pregnant, I wasn't really ready-what so ever. Well nobody will really be ready for it, though. But now that I am stepping the 7th month, things get clearer. I know I can't wait to meet the baby, but still I am enjoying our time being one. I think I will miss this moment. Every time I feel her kicking behind the belly, is always magical, and it hurts a little bit, but it makes me happy. She even responded to our voices, mostly to Resa's voice, probably because Resa has a deep voice that makes her surprised hearing it, or maybe (hopefully) they already have some sort of bond that I don't get. It's cute. 

Bigger chance I will deliver with SC. No Mum-to-be would have chosen this way, but since I have -9,5, I should do it. But it's good that I know this before-hand, not some kind of emergency situation where I haven't prepared myself of doing it. It's scary, of course, but must do.

What I can tell you most about my pregnancy, about how I am feeling, is that true, that all preggers will experience some kind of unstable hormones. It's like having PMS the whole 9 months. It's true. I can easily cry of a little things and get angry of minor problems. If you have a pregnant wife, you should really be patient, because you can't really blame the hormones. *Knocking on wood* I'm far away from those prenatal depression symptoms. Well, I won't deny I have some anxieties, but they're completely handle-able.

I am feeling happy almost most of the time because I feel like people have been caring for me so much, especially My Mom. We're never sweet to each other, but after I am carrying her grandchild she never nags. LOL. She was a strict person before, but I guess she's trying so hard to maintain my emotion so that it won't affect the growth of the baby. What makes me most happy through out this year is to know that my big sister is pregnant too! So we're gonna have kids who are in the same age. Need to watch out the competition, though. I am so happy I will have a German speaking, well a German Nationality nephew/ niece. Nice :)

Tips I can share with you while being a pregger who has to go to work 8 hours a day at office :

- I always pick super comfortable outfit everyday. Although I don't really wear maternity clothes but I don't pick unfitted clothes anymore since it will make a big hassle trough out the day, especially when you have meetings outside the office.

- Bear your lust in wearing high heels. I stopped since I was 2 months pregnant. I wore wedges though once I know I am carrying a baby, but then, flats shoes are my best friends. Note that your feet will grow bigger during pregnancy, don't buy so many shoes with bigger size as you will feel sorry later for not being able to wear it once your feet shrink back to normal.

- I know that you feel that you're getting bigger and bigger, but embrace it! You look more glowing than ever. 

- I am still wearing dresses, stretchy dresses that I used to wear before. Cardigan will be a great addition to cover your body parts, make sure you don't get the wind enters your body (so Indonesian) because it's totally torturing for the preggers! (I know because I have had it several times).

- Try not to take public transportation, a little cost for taxi (if you can't get picked up by your hubby) is necessary. If you still can drive, it's cool. But as for myself though, I am committed for not driving a car while being pregnant, it's too much stress, and I don't want to regret anything later.

- Seek for a permission from your boss to give time for you to lie down every 2 hours (I don't do this exactly every 2 hrs since I have loads of work, but I managed to lie down after 6pm and wait my husband to pick me up. It lessens the pain I am experiencing the whole day, and it helps me to relax.

Lying down at the break out room. See my feet are swollen. But it's not that bad, I can still handle it :)

- Bring your own food from home, in case you're too lazy to find food near your office. 

My favorite food, my super special cravings during pregnancy. I wish I can bring these food everyday :'(

- Drink at least 2L of water on a regular basis. I know it's hard. For me it's hard, because I feel bitter on my tongue, and water doesn't help to lessen it. But I am trying hard to do this for the sake of my baby. My OB said if I have minimum amount of water inside there, the baby will find it hard to move around the belly and find the right position for her. 

- I know it's a lot of sacrifice going to work while being pregnant. You will get tired most of the time, get sleepy after eating and the back pain is really torturing. But, I have chosen this, so I will take it responsibly. Don't mind any negative comments that come along the way, because not all people will understand what pain, or what kind of hesitation you have for going to work. I don't care if other person said that I am spoiled, or too worried of myself being pregnant, especially from the one who hasn't been pregnant. I will take my boss' facilitation gracefully in permitting me working from home when I feel like I can't go to work, or anything. Because, I know what my priorities are, and I know I am doing the best for myself as long as I don't bother other people. 

Sharing you few of my pictures while swimming. Yes, it is getting bigger!

Cheers to all of the pregnant ladies in the whole world, enjoy your precious moments!


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