Bumpy Belly Bump

Hi, readers!

Firstly, I want to share you my pregnancy experience, since this blog has almost been my loyal place to write about precious moments in my life. 

Well, the first trimester is always torturing for any preggers. At the first trimester I was so in "despair" of  having fear I would not be able to enjoy food like I was used to. At least, I am lucky I've passed that. My Mom had her morning sickness for 7-9 months, that means she didn't keep throwing up until she gave birth. So I consider I am lucky.

Being a second tri-semester pregger, I feel really blessed that I can really eat like a normal person does now. I even have quite big appetite for food, especially for those that my Mom make at home. I can eat, I can travel, I can pretty much everything, except for the severe low back and ribs pain I am currently having right now. My doctor even advised me to go on a 10 days bed rest to make sure that I can rest up my bones a bit. Because if I had to go to office and sit for like 8 hrs straight, that's really, incredibly torturing. So I am now working at home, which is really efficient, really comfortable to do.

My friend Bunga, who has a project related on healthiness living, gave me like thousand advises to lessen the pain I have right now. Quoted from her, the tips are pretty much :

1. Yoga or Pilates
Which I currently don't really have time to start working on this. But I will however try to find a place after this bed rest period.

2. Swimming
Not literally, but technically like walking inside the pool and stretching out some muscles. I think it's a good idea, since I have lived in my apartment for more than 6 months yet I haven't really spared some time out to go swimming.

3. Drink a lot of water
Well it's a must do for you who is in the first, second, or third trimester. Well, I kind of have difficulties doing this, not because I am too lazy, but it's just super hard to drink more than 2 L of waters a day, if you're not used to it, am I right?

From my doctor-to-be-lil-sister, I have got also plenty advises that I can actually use to at least feel less pain on my back and on my rib :

4. My lil' Sister said that I am too skinny I don't even have enough fat to support my pregnancy weight. So she advised me to eat like really a lot, since however, a pregger is supposed to eat more amount of carbo in the last 20 weeks of her pregnancy. I am trying to do this, and I've been good, since I stayed at home for this bed rest period and I can like, eat all I like, whenever. Of course I don't always eat when I am at the office, it's either I forget, or too lazy to buy snacks outside.

5. Sit correctly
This is the most thing I should do to support my kind of bigger belly bump now. It's the position that helps me diminish the pain, although I am still having a very severe pain every time I sit for only like, 15 minutes. I really hope I can get through this pain once I have to go back to the office. *fingercrossed*

Well, my due date is around 5-10 September 2013, I am excited yet really living through this pregnancy moment, because I think I will miss this moment a lot. Like, your family and your husband are all there spoiling you with pretty much everything, who doesn't like to be treated that way? LOL. Like so special. Husband and I prepared a beautiful name for our baby, and we really can't wait to meet her!
Well, yes it's a her! I am having a baby girl, pretty much all of my family and friends have already guessed that. But, we're so happy because Resa has been wanting it since the start, well for me it's the same, boy or girl as long as the baby's healthy and perfect, and blessed.
I am currently piling up all information on the C-Section Birth as well as the normal one. Well, I am always that let's-have-the-worst-scenario-prepared kind of person so I am looking out for any information I can use later. My days are filled with You-Tube-ing birth process, which was at first, super scary, I was even crying watching only one video, but day by day I have become more like, familiar. I however, have to go through the same process, so why not trying to be as well prepared as I can, right?

My wish list before the due date :

...is only 1. I wish I could have a trip together with my husband alone, since our honeymoon wasn't really a honeymoon. I really want to have a quality time with him alone out of town, of course. Well they said that a newlywed will have their first months just as well as the honeymoon, but I am really looking forward to spend  a weekend far away from Jakarta. Well, let's hope we can plan this out. 

So here are my actual belly bump pictures! I still however can't believe I'm less than 3 months away from my due date *finggercrossed*.

As you can see, I don't have that big belly bump although I am at my 26 weeks already. Sharing you this experience, I want to you all to know that I am at the peak of happiness of being an almost complete woman.

My Office Look. Still can't really put myself wearing maternity clothes.
25 weeks., that dress has been with me for almost 4 years!
Husband took my 24 weeks shot. Pardon my shabby pajama, we're just at home. :p


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