Halfway soon to be a Mommy, Insha Allah

Hey again, Readers.

Last time I blogged was in November, I had time back then, after the wedding and my final exam, I could breath and take my time to write again, although the posts are mostly talking about my own personal updates, but however I'd still like to share with you. Hopefully contents that I wrote can inspire you, or give you help in anything. 

Well, the reason that I am not sharing this earlier was because of pamali, but I would really like to share the happy news, that I am 5 months pregnant now. Yay! Now I have quite a belly bump, and a baby inside my womb. I really can't wait to meet her/ him. Can't share the gender yet, because me and Resa also haven't know yet. The last time we checked, s(he) was hiding it. So cute. 

Well, this is quite fast, at first I didn't know what to do. Most of my friends asked whether I am ready or not for this, well, I only answered "You will never be ready enough to be a parent. So, might as well be grateful and prepared for this 'roller-coaster' challenge." The first tri-semester of my pregnancy was quite fine, comparing to my Mom when she had me, and my other 2 sisters. I only got my morning sickness for a month and a half, that time I couldn't eat, and I always smell something unpleasant that made me throw-up. I didn't take a sick leave, although there was a time when the Doc suggested that I had to stay at home and bed rest for 2 weeks, but it wasn't that bad. I keep going to work, as normal as I could, well some other days when the morning sickness was really bad I call in sick. But this baby has been a very good companion for the whole time we're together. I didn't have heavy morning sickness, or even weird pregnancy cravings, although I can not eat most of seafood anymore until now. 

Being pregnant is not easy, that is why, for the past 5 months, I've been feeling sorry towards my Mom, every time I recall the memory of how rebel and opposing person I've been to her. :"( 
I feel really bad to know that she had me when she was still in college and pursue her medical degree, I can't imagine how hard it was for her, being pregnant and co-ass at the same time. That time, and the other 24 troublesome years afterwards. I can only hope I have made her proud. 

The not so easy part is actually, because I live alone with my husband, which requires the both of us to take care of the home, cooking, cleaning, etc by ourselves. Not to mention we have to get up so early to go to office together, since I am not allowed to drive anymore. Well it wasn't that hard, actually, but adapting to new situation isn't always easy. I am lucky I'm married to this guy, that does not hesitate in doing house work. He even cooked for me the time I had to bed rest. He's not the type of guy who cleans, I know he was raised like a prince, but he made my first tri-semester easier than it should. Bless him for that, God.

Our parents were also being so attentive, so were all of our friends. I was blessed having such people in my life. 

Anyway, the prohibited thing that I missed the most while being pregnant is wearing high heels and jeans and normal pants to office. I so can not wait until those days come, dressing stylish again to office. It's not that I am too lazy to dress up, but I don't have so many choices of clothes anymore. Thus, I like to browse styles for pregnant women. 
Of course, she's everyone's favorite pregnant woman figure. The elegance and classy look she brought us are on the different level. Of course, she's married to a prince.

My second favorite. She's showing off the bump, which I like, although, bump never stopped her to look fashionable, this one look I really dig for an office look-a look that I can still pull off. (Of course, I am not wearing regular jeans).

The cute thing of being preggie is that you can put your hand there and slightly silently tell people that there's a baby in you. I just love having this kind of feeling. :')

I recently traveled to China and HongKong for a few days, it was just the last weekend, and I had such a good time there, although afterwards, I feel pain and sore all over my body. I will blog about this one later, ok. Or maybe traveling tips for a pregger? That would be an idea too.

At the Victoria Peak, baby with Mommy 1st ever time travelling.

The bump's still not showing especially in this pose and while wearing that kind of outfit. (At Old HongKong Ocean Park, super cold and windy day, not the day I treasured).

Like Kate Middleton, my bump is not showing much, so, sometimes I am afraid that people aren't noticing and they will bump on to my belly. For this I am taking extra caution by putting my hand on my belly. Other people in the office, well some of them don't even realize that I am pregnant until I tell them. 

Sharing you my first pregnancy experience won't be enough in just a post. I will share the other tips and tricks, later on!


Bunga Istyani said...

little nana (or resa) inside the bump must be so lucky being inside and traveling to HK :D can't wait til August....

and you, slim-legged-schatzi, are better blog more from now on because we always want to hear more about you and your pregnancy and the life of mommy-to-be :*

Arika Indra said...

Hey, nemu aja ini post padahal belum di promoin haha. I was couraged to write again bcs of your command. LOL. Hopefully the little junior there is okay ya sampe agustus nanti. :) S(he) will be happy to meet a speaking German aunty. :*

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