Rika & Resa Wedding Part V Wedding Reception

Reception day! Finally, one last procession left. Phew!
So, we held our wedding reception on 21st of October 2012 in Bandung. We originally wanted to hold our wedding in Jakarta, considering my parents' friends and relatives are mostly live in Jakarta, and so are Resa's parents'. But, since my parents live in Bandung and Resa's too, so we had thought to give Bandung a shot. Since we've been all over Jakarta finding one available ballroom or wedding hall for us. We tried, Puri Ardhya Garini, Sasono Utomo, and Balai Kartini. They were all full-booked for a year and a half. Wedding frenzy in 2012. People were trying to get the best place on the best date throughout the year. Well, Resa and  I don't really care about pretty date, since according to Javanese rule, they have their own 'counting' or 'prediction' on their own fine date, months. So, we just followed my Mom who was in charge of that and decided 21st of October. So it was.

In  Bandung, we have few options. We've ousted Sol Elite Marbella hotel, Masjid PusDai, and Graha Manggala Siliwangi over a place named Bandung Convention Centre. The place was perfect and luckily, they have the date available for us. We booked 3 hall out of 3. The biggest one they offered, well considering we invited in total 1000 invitations, and family, and friends, so to predict over 2000 guests will be coming, we kinda need a big one. Bandung Convention Centre was a great choice, although their marketings should be re-trained for hospitality LOL. Mostly Chinese weddings are held in this building. According to them, mine was one of the very Javanese wedding they've ever witness. 

On this very day, well Resa, my husband (LOL) and I (the wife), we're having the reception at 11:00am - 2:00pm. What I couldn't ever ever ever forget about my wedding reception was the fact that Resa and I and our both parents had to greet all the guests who lined for us. It was a great moment, we felt honored, and tired of course. Well, I can't really describe how the party was, because I was on the pelaminan the whole time. But some of friends said, it was a beautiful reception. Thank, God. Oh, wait. I wasn't on the pelaminan the whole time, in fact we took our time to go down and mingle with the guests a bit. Resa even had his long-waited chance to sing for me 2 songs at the stage. How sweet of him, although his over confidence was bugging me a little bit *face palm*. My friends even came with the same colored dress I gave the idea for them, they were pretty. All my family were dressed up in Jogjakarta traditional costumes, even my sisters had their hairdo done the same. 

Well, here's to say. Pictures does speak a thousand words. Have a pleasant look!

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Random Thought

Before continuing to the next wedding post which is the Reception / Resepsi, I'll be slacking a little writing this post just to have a memoir of today's big super great news.

Alhamdulillah, for every blessings you gave us, God.

Today I feel almost completed. :")

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