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So here are the list of what's happening since last August. 1. Graduated (FINALLY). So I had my graduation celebration on November 8th. Although I was expecting sooner than that, God only allowed me to have my final thesis defense exam on 17th of October. Which was only 2 days before...
2. Got married. Yes, I finally got married to Resa, after years we spent together, we finally tied the knot. It was 3 days Javanese wedding procession, which was ..tiring yet beautiful. I'll post later about this. Anyway, on our current condition, we're really happy to be together as husband and wife (aw!).
3. Got a job (corporate one) I don't know if I am doing my dream job right now, I am not so sure. Well, I never thought I would be working in a giant advertising company in Jakarta. But I have always thought that I would like to work in an international company, being under native bosses, using English in the regular basis, and whatsoever. So, I got accepted at WPP, under the Group M Indonesia. So far, what I like most about my job is my cool office mates, and bosses, they party FUN and A LOT, about my tasks itself.. well they are challenging. So far I can not complain a single thing about it, which is perfect! And as a fresh graduate, I am able to learn new things everyday here, without hassle. Bosses and office mates are surely helpful to me. We even have French class every Monday, taught by one of my co-workers who is a native French guy!
4. New apartment Resa and I decided to live by ourselves in a tiny nice apartment in Salemba, it's the same adress that my little sister lives in. It's pretty nice, and we get to meet each other more often since we're only different towers. My parents often visit us there, which is very great.
5. First trip alone to Bali So Resa and I were able to book a (very) short trip to Bali for our honeymoon. Although it's not really honeymoon-honeymoon because our siblings and friends from Germany (who also attended our wedding) were also coming (they even booked the same flight as ours). We had a really great catch up in Bali, had good culinary trips, and shopping. We also got celebrate my 24th birthday in Bali on the 23rd of October.
So many great things happened right? I shall be grateful and start count only the blessings God gave us throughout this year. 2012 was a great year, yet it was a tough one. We've overcome so many obstacles to be us right now. I've gone through troubles, sadness even desperation in this year, but every storm has its rainbow. So, I finally managed to enjoy my rainbow after all. I am happy with everything I've got right now, looking back to the struggling moments I have passed, it's a reminder to always fight for happiness even you are at a very low point, and to always try to strive for excellence in life. Thank You, God, for all the blessings.


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