Rika & Resa Wedding Part I

This post is going to be long, I warn you. I will be posting my wedding procession separately in 5 posts. Each post will contain every single procession we had. To make long story short, my family tend to hold weddings in Javanese tradition. My father is from Surabaya while my mother's from Malang. Both are located in East Java. Well, although we're originally from the East doesn't mean we do East Java tradition. My family loves to have either Solo or Jogjakarta wedding tradition. My big sister for example, she had a Solo one, and one of the reason is her husband is half Solo. I had mine in Jogjakarta tradition considering Resa's father (my father in law now) is from Jogja, I noticed some differences between Solo and Jogja, from their traditional procession, costumes, and make ups. Although it's not that really different, because Solo is not so far located from Jogja.

So, my wedding was started on Friday the 19th, 2 days before I just had my final thesis defense exam, which was exhilarating. Could you imagine how 'exciting' my days were that week? It was super tiring. (I can still feel my sore bones those days back then).
So, I still remember that Friday was a bright, cheerful sunny day. We start the procession with;

1. Pengajian (Praying)

Pengajian is the starter for all procession. It's the moment we invited close relatives, friends, and most importantly our neighbors. We all gathered to pray together that the wedding will run smooth and may the obstacles go away. Pengajian itself is a routine activity held by a group that contains numbers of wives who often gather together to pray and talk about Islam. My mother is one of the Pengajian group members in the neighborhood. It's a tradition to especially invite them to pray at our house and to give good messages about marriage. It was a religious event, actually, we wore hijab and long dresses to cover our skin. While we gathered, I, the bride was required to read the holy Quran too, well, only some part of it. All of the guests were also bringing their Quran and read together after me. It is very essential for Indonesian to start big event with praying and showing the grateful of being blessed by God. You can see all pictures below, the Pengajian was held at my house. We invited 30 or more people that day. I had to wear white costume to symbolize the sincere, true, cleanliness, and patience in heart.

We gave the guests souvenirs, along with pretty pashmina, sajadah and Pengajian pocket books.
More on the

My beautiful guardians.

My beautiful Mama :)

I am a happy kid.

Here are also some precious moments from Resa's Pengajian at his place. He looked like a little boy and it's cute seeing him like that.

Sleepy, baby?

Resa is a happy kid.


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