Rika & Resa Wedding Part IV (again) - please see previous post.

Kind of had to separate the Panggih post! I couldn't make my mind which photos I should post on my Akad post, all of them were too good to be kept in. So here I will be posting about Panggih. The moment where we actually became husband and wife, we still got an event to go through. It's the meeting of us, being united as one.

Check more photos on the Read More!

We sat on Papa's lap while Mama's asking "Which one weigh most?" Papa answered "The same.". This also means that Resa and I are the same, the love that my parents will share to Resa is just as much as the love that they already gave me.

This symbolizes that as the head of the family, Resa will lead the family including giving enough  love and things to fulfill his family needs.

Ate together. Funny moment, everyone laugh at us :))

Thank You, God for that day. Happiest day in our lives.


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