Rika & Resa Wedding Part III

Still at the same day, Friday 19th 2012, after Siraman we didn't call the day just yet. There are one more event held in the evening. It's called Midodareni,  it's originally came from a Javanese ancient word that actually means angels, or angels night. In Bahasa Midodareni means Bidadari. This is where the Javanese believe that God will send the Bidadaris down to earth to accompany the bride and to make the bride appear differently beautiful, mangligi in Javanese.

3. Midodareni

On this event, Resa's with his big family came to my house, without the parents of Resa. This symbolizes that Resa should be brave on his own to come to my parents that night. Only his siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins were allowed to come with him. Resa brought so many gifts and presents for me, they were 18 of them. The presents contain the beauty needs, clothes, undies, lingerie, shoes, purse, clutch, cosmetics, jewelery, etc, even the most special one Resa gave me an authentic Palembang/ Bengkulu songket fabric made from the gold strings, even the color that my mother in law picked was my very favorite ones; tosca, peach and pink. Really felt honored receiving such gift.

On the other hand, not only the groom that's supposed to give presents but also the bride should give back. I gave him in total 14 boxes of gifts containing black suit, grooming needs shoes, wallet, sarong, sajadah and props for him to go praying at the mosque, also pieces of working shirts, and belt.

The reason of giving each other presents is actually to honor the parents. Ok, to simplify this, Resa is going to take me as his wife ("away" from my parents) so, he shall show the ability of him making me comfort by fulfilling my needs, and one way another. This symbolizes prosperity, and some say it's an opulence of the Javanese tradition to give great presentable gifts to the bride. Some stuffs that the bride will use and wear from head to toe. This tradition is called Seserahan. 

Resa and the other male guests from his family, were not allowed to see me. I was kept in the bride's room, strictly not allowed to leave the room. Beside that, Resa was the only person who's not allowed to eat the food we served to the guests that night. He had to fast in order to forbear his lust so that he will be granted with bless later on. He's only allowed to eat the food at home later, the bride had to give him the take away food containing every tastes; sour, sweet, bitter, salty. The philosophy of giving these food to the groom is to let him taste the sweetness and even the bitterness of life. He shall be ready of what future has in store and what life will offer him. Life won't always be sweet as sugar, right?

On Midodareni, Resa was supposed to ask my parents' permission to come tomorrow to legally propose me as his wife. My parents should ask my will to let Resa come tomorrow nor if I still want to marry him. (He only hear my voice through the speaker, because he wasn't allowed to see me, right? Said it was such a sweet yet cute moment).

While the male guests are having the dinner, the women are allowed to peek me (or visit) me in the bride's room. They gave me there courage and good messages, also jokes around about how nervous Resa was when he talked to my parents LOL.

Nice one. If you're asking which photography vendor I was working with, its Impresi Photography.

Care to read more? :)

Didn't know why I agree on this pose though. I'm like 'drown' behind Resa's seserahan.

My 10 years bffs left @deardeariska and right @syarasyalma. :*

He finally came ( I can only see him through the TV in my room) :')

Warned him to buy things that I will use. No need extra expense on branded stuffs. I am happier to receive things I already usually use on my daily basis. Plus he will get to save the money right? (Such an understanding wife-to-be, LOL).

So they really asked me if I really wanted to marry Resa (this tradition is a bit silly, of course I still wanted to marry him, d'uh...) LOL.

Only allowed to drink water. 

Beautiful bridesmaid. My sisters and my beautiful aunt in the middle. 

All came too peek up on me. :") Then they would tease Resa on how pretty I was that night and how sad he couldn't see me directly. HA!

My gifts for him. 

Left is my big sister's mom in law, who always looks beautiful and well dressed, I really love how she took fashion seriously, someday I will be like her. Right side are my beautiful Filipino Titas (aunts), they especially came from Germany to attend every single procession of my wedding. I'm so loved :"')

Front : is the costume that Resa will wear on Akad or the holy matrimony/ wedding vow the next day.


My favorite one; the gold songket wrapped beautifully in a long box. 

Yes, I wouldn't lie I picked them. LOL. 

These are the food that I gave to resa, they have every tastes; sweet, sour, bitter, salty.

Strictly not allowed to go down!

Left is Andreas, who was one of my honored guest. Right is my big sis' father in law.
Can only see him through the TV :p but he couldn't see me at all!

Made these souvenirs all by myself. The tissue box was made from Sumatran songket and I filled them in with Toscabelle's signature scarf. You want one? Contact me on my twitter @arikaindra, will send you one later :)

More pictures on my Midodareni night...

See? Gone frenzy.
My most favorite guy in the world, after Papa and Resa. This is Billy boy.

This was that kind of once-in-a-lifetime moment for me, having everybody's attention for 3 days straight (and the previous preparation days) was a big thing. I hope my marriage will be as beautiful as my wedding. :')


Anonymous said...

Hai kak Nana, I'm Bianca from Malang.
Congratulations on your wedding ♥♥
I don't know you but I love to read your blog!
Terharu banget bacanya, sampe berkaca-kaca.. Really beautiful!! ♥:')

Arika said...

Hi.. Bianca! Thank you fot reading.. it's my pleasuuure ;)

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