Rika & Resa Wedding Part II

After Pengajian, we changed into our Siraman costumes. We held Siraman also in the same day as Pengajian.

2. Siraman (Showering)

This one event is an important step in the whole wedding procession. Both me and Resa are going to be showered with flower water by the parents and the 7 elders in order to get ourselves cleaned from hatred, bad things etc. The philosophy itself, stands for the cleansing of the body parts and most importantly the soul. The background song in this event is Javanese Gending, it's a traditional music from the ancient Java history. If you ever heard it, you'll feel like being dragged into the ancient historical times. I just love how my Mom sticks into our Javanese culture, although this kind of wedding took us 1 year and a half of preparation--but it's really worth it, although if I recall that memory of mine going to one place to another just to find the perfect fabric for my Siraman costume, I wouldn't ever wanna go back to that moment again. It was stressful and tiring, actually.

The water that we use for the shower came from 7 different sources, we collected the water from the big Mosque in Bandung, from my Grandma's house in Malang, Resa's parents' house in Bandung and also Zam-zam water from Mecca, well I couldn't really remember the other sources, but it's essential to have the water mixed from 7 different sources. The meaning of mixing those different sourced water is actually that the parents want their kids (me and Resa) to be cleansed by the good sourced water, from the homes of our parents, our grandparents, mosques, and of course Mecca.

The parents and the elders showered us according to the list. First, it should be the father, then the mother, the grand parents, and the other aunts, only female elders are allowed to shower us. The only male is the father. While they showered us, they will pray in their heart that me and Resa will be happy in our marriage forever, and may our soul be cleansed from hatred and bad things.

This is like a bridal shower, but literally - showering. LOL.

Papa mixed the 7 different sourced water into one.

Interested to know more about Javanese culture especially the wedding ceremony? Go hit read more!

Papa handed over the certain amount of the mixed water to my big sister and my brother in law, as they were the Duta Tirta or the honored messenger to send the water to Resa's place, so that we both be showered with the same water.

My pretty big sister and her husband, along with my older cousin and her husband too (in gold kebaya).

The props that will be used for the Siraman procession, a scissor to cut my Rikmo (little hairs behind in the back neck) to symbolize the throwing away bad personalities and bad luck, Melati or Jasmine vest to cover my body while bing showered, and a Kendi or water pot filled with water too.

Honorable guests from Germany came, my very best friends. I called them my second family.

Duta Tirta came back from Resa's place and handed over the souvenir that Resa's family gave us as a grateful gift.

Sungkem or kneeling down asking for permission and bless from the parents, here my parents asked for my Grandma's bless and prayer.

My beautiful other Mom that I called Mami.

Papa held the Bleketepe or a sign symbolized that he will host a 3-day event. (So that the neighbors will aware).

My Siraman throne :))

So, the pictures you see above are all about the preparation of the Siraman, the procession of Siraman itself can be seen on the pictures I post below. Also, some snaps from Resa's Siraman.

Tearful moment. :')

I love you Ma.

I will never forget how moved I was that day. Sad and happy at the same time. Best moment of all!

Asked for my parents' forgiveness after all I've done. They forgive me and wish that I'll be having a wonderful life ahead.

With my lovely sisters.

So happy :)

For the last time they will pick me up like a little child.

Mama and Papa are being a penjual Dawet, they sell a traditional Java drink called dawet to the guests. Guests will be paying with the fake money made from brick to Mama and Papa will be the one who counts all the money. The money will be given to me, this symbolizes that the parents will guard and give their best to their kid. :')

Here, we kinda joke around that my little sister (left) will get married soon, too. :))
Guarded by Ibu-ibu :))

Resa was also required to wudhu, in Islam this is the way we cleanse ourselves before praying.

Looking fresh and not sleepy. LOL


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