Resa & Rika Wedding Part IV

Whoa, still can't believe I am actually posting the whole wedding procession on my blog. I thought I was too lazy to do this because in Indonesia you won't meet a decent internet connection (well I have one now at the office which is very cool, I can blog decently again after all! LOL sshhh don't tell my boss I took advantage on this fast internet to post pictures on blog LOL).

So if you have read the 3 previous posts about Pengajian, Siraman, and Midodareni, we can move on to the next day which was on Saturday 20th 2012. It was a memorable day of mine, the day we tied the knot. After being together (on and off) for 6 years, I still can't believe we're married now, at such a young age too, which is challenging, but cute. I can't tell you how the marriage is, we're only 3 months old now. But so far, we're really happy being together. As my friend said that, being married is not solving your current problem, being married you will face much more bigger problems in order to be mature. But we're head on head on this, there's no doubt when he asked me to marry him. Why doubting? We've known each other since we're teenagers, we literally grew up together from teenagers being adult. I know his personality just like the way I know mine. So is the other way around. So here we are now, it's not me and him anymore, it's us.

So we finally arrived in this particular special Saturday. Our Akad day.

4. Akad (Wedding vow)

On this day, Resa and his whole family came into my house to do the Akad Nikah. It's just the same as the wedding vow. We did it legally in front of the state officer. We signed papers, and everything that stated husband and wife. I still remember how I felt that day. I feel very calm, that day felt really soothing and everything seemed nice. Although Resa's car broke down in the toll way because the driver forgot to tank it. I still feel at ease, no panic, no cold feet what so ever. Maybe it's my parents' prayer so that the whole procession will run as smooth as we hoped for. So I was wearing a white kebaya, it's like a general tradition to get married in white. In Western culture you all get to wear that white wedding dress, and so do we. It was white and was especially designed for me. The wedding make up artist who did mine was one of the most famous artist in Bandung named Bu Yeni. She's really beautiful in her age, she looked really flawless. Even the make up she did to me was flawless also. People couldn't seem to recognize me, because I looked differently. Resa wore also a white set of Javanese beskap, he looked really handsome that day.

In Akad we also have Panggih (meeting of both the groom and bride), it's a traditional event too, filled in with traditional stuffs as you can see on the pictures below.

Getting ready wearing my childhood pink kimono. That kimono has been with me since I was in the kindergarten. Mom bought that for me to go swimming. I still remember that day when she bought me. Can't believe time flies fast, her little daughter's getting married. :')

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Praying before all started. I feel like being guarded that day.

"Hello in-15-minutes-husband-to-be!"

Freaking nervous when I came down to sit :S

So far I remembered, although he'd given the text, he didn't read it. He already prepared his own sentence.

He're comes the funniest part. I strictly told him via text message in the morning not to kiss my forehead on the holy procession. And ..he did it instead.

So his nose was black, touched by my paes (the black paint on my forehead).

Still trying to rub his nose..


And again... :))


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