Rika & Resa Wedding Part IV (again) - please see previous post.

Kind of had to separate the Panggih post! I couldn't make my mind which photos I should post on my Akad post, all of them were too good to be kept in. So here I will be posting about Panggih. The moment where we actually became husband and wife, we still got an event to go through. It's the meeting of us, being united as one.

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Resa & Rika Wedding Part IV

Whoa, still can't believe I am actually posting the whole wedding procession on my blog. I thought I was too lazy to do this because in Indonesia you won't meet a decent internet connection (well I have one now at the office which is very cool, I can blog decently again after all! LOL sshhh don't tell my boss I took advantage on this fast internet to post pictures on blog LOL).

So if you have read the 3 previous posts about Pengajian, Siraman, and Midodareni, we can move on to the next day which was on Saturday 20th 2012. It was a memorable day of mine, the day we tied the knot. After being together (on and off) for 6 years, I still can't believe we're married now, at such a young age too, which is challenging, but cute. I can't tell you how the marriage is, we're only 3 months old now. But so far, we're really happy being together. As my friend said that, being married is not solving your current problem, being married you will face much more bigger problems in order to be mature. But we're head on head on this, there's no doubt when he asked me to marry him. Why doubting? We've known each other since we're teenagers, we literally grew up together from teenagers being adult. I know his personality just like the way I know mine. So is the other way around. So here we are now, it's not me and him anymore, it's us.

So we finally arrived in this particular special Saturday. Our Akad day.

4. Akad (Wedding vow)

On this day, Resa and his whole family came into my house to do the Akad Nikah. It's just the same as the wedding vow. We did it legally in front of the state officer. We signed papers, and everything that stated husband and wife. I still remember how I felt that day. I feel very calm, that day felt really soothing and everything seemed nice. Although Resa's car broke down in the toll way because the driver forgot to tank it. I still feel at ease, no panic, no cold feet what so ever. Maybe it's my parents' prayer so that the whole procession will run as smooth as we hoped for. So I was wearing a white kebaya, it's like a general tradition to get married in white. In Western culture you all get to wear that white wedding dress, and so do we. It was white and was especially designed for me. The wedding make up artist who did mine was one of the most famous artist in Bandung named Bu Yeni. She's really beautiful in her age, she looked really flawless. Even the make up she did to me was flawless also. People couldn't seem to recognize me, because I looked differently. Resa wore also a white set of Javanese beskap, he looked really handsome that day.

In Akad we also have Panggih (meeting of both the groom and bride), it's a traditional event too, filled in with traditional stuffs as you can see on the pictures below.

Getting ready wearing my childhood pink kimono. That kimono has been with me since I was in the kindergarten. Mom bought that for me to go swimming. I still remember that day when she bought me. Can't believe time flies fast, her little daughter's getting married. :')

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Rika & Resa Wedding Part III

Still at the same day, Friday 19th 2012, after Siraman we didn't call the day just yet. There are one more event held in the evening. It's called Midodareni,  it's originally came from a Javanese ancient word that actually means angels, or angels night. In Bahasa Midodareni means Bidadari. This is where the Javanese believe that God will send the Bidadaris down to earth to accompany the bride and to make the bride appear differently beautiful, mangligi in Javanese.

3. Midodareni

On this event, Resa's with his big family came to my house, without the parents of Resa. This symbolizes that Resa should be brave on his own to come to my parents that night. Only his siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins were allowed to come with him. Resa brought so many gifts and presents for me, they were 18 of them. The presents contain the beauty needs, clothes, undies, lingerie, shoes, purse, clutch, cosmetics, jewelery, etc, even the most special one Resa gave me an authentic Palembang/ Bengkulu songket fabric made from the gold strings, even the color that my mother in law picked was my very favorite ones; tosca, peach and pink. Really felt honored receiving such gift.

On the other hand, not only the groom that's supposed to give presents but also the bride should give back. I gave him in total 14 boxes of gifts containing black suit, grooming needs shoes, wallet, sarong, sajadah and props for him to go praying at the mosque, also pieces of working shirts, and belt.

The reason of giving each other presents is actually to honor the parents. Ok, to simplify this, Resa is going to take me as his wife ("away" from my parents) so, he shall show the ability of him making me comfort by fulfilling my needs, and one way another. This symbolizes prosperity, and some say it's an opulence of the Javanese tradition to give great presentable gifts to the bride. Some stuffs that the bride will use and wear from head to toe. This tradition is called Seserahan. 

Resa and the other male guests from his family, were not allowed to see me. I was kept in the bride's room, strictly not allowed to leave the room. Beside that, Resa was the only person who's not allowed to eat the food we served to the guests that night. He had to fast in order to forbear his lust so that he will be granted with bless later on. He's only allowed to eat the food at home later, the bride had to give him the take away food containing every tastes; sour, sweet, bitter, salty. The philosophy of giving these food to the groom is to let him taste the sweetness and even the bitterness of life. He shall be ready of what future has in store and what life will offer him. Life won't always be sweet as sugar, right?

On Midodareni, Resa was supposed to ask my parents' permission to come tomorrow to legally propose me as his wife. My parents should ask my will to let Resa come tomorrow nor if I still want to marry him. (He only hear my voice through the speaker, because he wasn't allowed to see me, right? Said it was such a sweet yet cute moment).

While the male guests are having the dinner, the women are allowed to peek me (or visit) me in the bride's room. They gave me there courage and good messages, also jokes around about how nervous Resa was when he talked to my parents LOL.

Nice one. If you're asking which photography vendor I was working with, its Impresi Photography.

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Rika & Resa Wedding Part II

After Pengajian, we changed into our Siraman costumes. We held Siraman also in the same day as Pengajian.

2. Siraman (Showering)

This one event is an important step in the whole wedding procession. Both me and Resa are going to be showered with flower water by the parents and the 7 elders in order to get ourselves cleaned from hatred, bad things etc. The philosophy itself, stands for the cleansing of the body parts and most importantly the soul. The background song in this event is Javanese Gending, it's a traditional music from the ancient Java history. If you ever heard it, you'll feel like being dragged into the ancient historical times. I just love how my Mom sticks into our Javanese culture, although this kind of wedding took us 1 year and a half of preparation--but it's really worth it, although if I recall that memory of mine going to one place to another just to find the perfect fabric for my Siraman costume, I wouldn't ever wanna go back to that moment again. It was stressful and tiring, actually.

The water that we use for the shower came from 7 different sources, we collected the water from the big Mosque in Bandung, from my Grandma's house in Malang, Resa's parents' house in Bandung and also Zam-zam water from Mecca, well I couldn't really remember the other sources, but it's essential to have the water mixed from 7 different sources. The meaning of mixing those different sourced water is actually that the parents want their kids (me and Resa) to be cleansed by the good sourced water, from the homes of our parents, our grandparents, mosques, and of course Mecca.

The parents and the elders showered us according to the list. First, it should be the father, then the mother, the grand parents, and the other aunts, only female elders are allowed to shower us. The only male is the father. While they showered us, they will pray in their heart that me and Resa will be happy in our marriage forever, and may our soul be cleansed from hatred and bad things.

This is like a bridal shower, but literally - showering. LOL.

Papa mixed the 7 different sourced water into one.

Interested to know more about Javanese culture especially the wedding ceremony? Go hit read more!


Rika & Resa Wedding Part I

This post is going to be long, I warn you. I will be posting my wedding procession separately in 5 posts. Each post will contain every single procession we had. To make long story short, my family tend to hold weddings in Javanese tradition. My father is from Surabaya while my mother's from Malang. Both are located in East Java. Well, although we're originally from the East doesn't mean we do East Java tradition. My family loves to have either Solo or Jogjakarta wedding tradition. My big sister for example, she had a Solo one, and one of the reason is her husband is half Solo. I had mine in Jogjakarta tradition considering Resa's father (my father in law now) is from Jogja, I noticed some differences between Solo and Jogja, from their traditional procession, costumes, and make ups. Although it's not that really different, because Solo is not so far located from Jogja.

So, my wedding was started on Friday the 19th, 2 days before I just had my final thesis defense exam, which was exhilarating. Could you imagine how 'exciting' my days were that week? It was super tiring. (I can still feel my sore bones those days back then).
So, I still remember that Friday was a bright, cheerful sunny day. We start the procession with;

1. Pengajian (Praying)

Pengajian is the starter for all procession. It's the moment we invited close relatives, friends, and most importantly our neighbors. We all gathered to pray together that the wedding will run smooth and may the obstacles go away. Pengajian itself is a routine activity held by a group that contains numbers of wives who often gather together to pray and talk about Islam. My mother is one of the Pengajian group members in the neighborhood. It's a tradition to especially invite them to pray at our house and to give good messages about marriage. It was a religious event, actually, we wore hijab and long dresses to cover our skin. While we gathered, I, the bride was required to read the holy Quran too, well, only some part of it. All of the guests were also bringing their Quran and read together after me. It is very essential for Indonesian to start big event with praying and showing the grateful of being blessed by God. You can see all pictures below, the Pengajian was held at my house. We invited 30 or more people that day. I had to wear white costume to symbolize the sincere, true, cleanliness, and patience in heart.

We gave the guests souvenirs, along with pretty pashmina, sajadah and Pengajian pocket books.
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Our Pre-Wedding Trailer

I don't know if this looks a little cheesy for you all, but I gotta say this is the best wedding gift I've ever received from Resa's cousin. Memoir of our pre-wedding photo shoot.

If you are interested in making this kind of prewedding trailer, please kindly contact me through my email =
arika.indra@gmail.com or mention me on Twitter @arikaindra. Thanks!

6 years and still counting :)

6 years of love, hatred, happiness, sadness, struggle, dreams. 6 years of us, and we made it.

Photos were taken by Impresi Photography Bandung,  one of wedding photography pioneer in Bandung, it's really good having them as our team. Very recommended!

What's New (in my life)

So here are the list of what's happening since last August. 1. Graduated (FINALLY). So I had my graduation celebration on November 8th. Although I was expecting sooner than that, God only allowed me to have my final thesis defense exam on 17th of October. Which was only 2 days before...
2. Got married. Yes, I finally got married to Resa, after years we spent together, we finally tied the knot. It was 3 days Javanese wedding procession, which was ..tiring yet beautiful. I'll post later about this. Anyway, on our current condition, we're really happy to be together as husband and wife (aw!).
3. Got a job (corporate one) I don't know if I am doing my dream job right now, I am not so sure. Well, I never thought I would be working in a giant advertising company in Jakarta. But I have always thought that I would like to work in an international company, being under native bosses, using English in the regular basis, and whatsoever. So, I got accepted at WPP, under the Group M Indonesia. So far, what I like most about my job is my cool office mates, and bosses, they party FUN and A LOT, about my tasks itself.. well they are challenging. So far I can not complain a single thing about it, which is perfect! And as a fresh graduate, I am able to learn new things everyday here, without hassle. Bosses and office mates are surely helpful to me. We even have French class every Monday, taught by one of my co-workers who is a native French guy!
4. New apartment Resa and I decided to live by ourselves in a tiny nice apartment in Salemba, it's the same adress that my little sister lives in. It's pretty nice, and we get to meet each other more often since we're only different towers. My parents often visit us there, which is very great.
5. First trip alone to Bali So Resa and I were able to book a (very) short trip to Bali for our honeymoon. Although it's not really honeymoon-honeymoon because our siblings and friends from Germany (who also attended our wedding) were also coming (they even booked the same flight as ours). We had a really great catch up in Bali, had good culinary trips, and shopping. We also got celebrate my 24th birthday in Bali on the 23rd of October.
So many great things happened right? I shall be grateful and start count only the blessings God gave us throughout this year. 2012 was a great year, yet it was a tough one. We've overcome so many obstacles to be us right now. I've gone through troubles, sadness even desperation in this year, but every storm has its rainbow. So, I finally managed to enjoy my rainbow after all. I am happy with everything I've got right now, looking back to the struggling moments I have passed, it's a reminder to always fight for happiness even you are at a very low point, and to always try to strive for excellence in life. Thank You, God, for all the blessings.

Been a While

Hi, it's me again. It has really (REALLY) been a while since I update this blog. I have been (REALLY) busy throughout this year. So many good things happened, and I couldn't seem to manage time to blog again. Well, here's the thing, I am thinking of changing the concept of this blog, since this blog talks about things universally (mostly about my life) when actually I intended to blog about fashion most among all. But see, to blog about travelling and/or book review, tips, and etc is rather tempting than just to blog about fashion, post photos, which I am now too lazy to do. So, here it goes, I will change this blog to be more open about things other than fashion. So, hello again, readers! Because 2012 is going to leave us so soon, might as well blog something to close up this year.

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