So I Did Spend My Freetime Doing This

Nail art. Yes, BIG TIME, although I feel like I'm still Pluto away from being a good nail artist, at least someone (My Mom) likes what I did to her finger nails. Not very proud of the result, though, but these OPI Nail Polishes are the hottest most have item this year. I recently bought another OPI package but still haven't got enough time yet to do the mighty experiment. But these colors? They're cute, and please don't mention rainbow finger nails. Cos I feel like I've had enough RAINBOWS in Indonesia. Yuck.
Tips : I always love to use Revlon's base and coat polish since they're cheap, affordable yet adorable enough to use. And they smell good! Will be catching you up later with the book review..until then, lemme XOXO you 1st! Love.


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