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I think probably most of you are in the same boat with me by reading post. Don't you think tribal patterns are way beyond cool? Although I don't really follow the latest trend, but long way before tribal is happening, I always thought Indonesian traditional patterns that are commonly seen in our fabrics are BEAUTIFUL, yet I haven't make time to really look at in the books and learn all of those patterns. Well I have seen these tribal patterns since I was a kid, I was raised in a home where we put forward the traditional thingies. So, my uncle once gave my parents some gifts that's included tribal patterned draperies, and they were actually hanged in my room, so I am very familiar with this pattern since a very long time ago. The draperies came from Kalimantan, so no wonder that it was really beautiful I still can remember the design, and everything. And that I have recalled it, I was actually unpack the old stuffs my mom put in the storeroom in our house just to find the old draperies. But couldn't find it.
By all the means, I am ready to go seek my treasures (tribal patterned fabrics), to make some new dresses, tops, even skirts. I am so psyched that my cousin and I will be doing this experiment together! YAY.
Don't you think they're pretty (and happening)?
But I think this pic below is the most prettiest. Since it's an authentic one :)
I don't know how the world did this. I think all cultures are beyond beautiful and inspiring.


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