Java Trip

A few weeks ago we had a road trip to the East Java. Although most of time we spent gogoleran at my gramma's house, it was a pleasant trip. We went to beaches, old cities, we also visit my late grand parents at a Chinese graveyard. We took quite a lot photos there (instagramed them as well), and well the trip was kind of enjoyable one, although it was only for 4/5 days something. I will post up some pictures here in my blog, since it has been ancient the last time I travel blogged.
it was pretty hot out there, I didn't forget to apply sunblock on my skin, I didn't wanna risk myself being burned by the big sun.
The road trip has a theme, and it was all about roses, we bought rose bouquets every single day. Can't stand the prettiness of them, most likely.
My fiance drove along the way, we got to hear our music playlist, which has up to 2000 or more songs. In short, we didn't have to repeat song.
Everytime we got to do some break, he always asked me to do this, I put my whole body-weight on to his back, and walk on to it, like massaging him.
He bought us an Instax! We used it to photograph our little journey (well it was actually for my sister though). The instax was given to her because she succeeded in passing the University entrance test, she's now officially a medical student at a best medical uni in Indonesia (University of Indonesia) hail to that.
Some of my Instagram pictures, I just love the weather that day, it was pretty good and hot, yes.
we're such posers, it's kinda natural everytime you see beautiful bouquet of flowers, all you wanna do is taking pictures big time. We also had some culinary journey back there, we had a brunch in a classic snack tenant in Batu, where we could really feel the freshest milk they had, also the freshest air, since Batu is a small city that's surrounded by mountains, beautiful mountains. We planned to hike, but it was such a short time, that we prefer to be lazy and just enjoy all the free time we've had.
one of my favest sunnies I wore on the trip. I brought a few of them, but this one was the one I favor most during the trip. They hid my panda eyes perfectly. :D
Big trees, big clouds are surrounding us in Batu back then, it was a bit chilly actually comparing to the 1st day where the degree hit almost 35.
Some favorite pastries, and the names are : pastel & kue sus. Pastel's similarly made of layered pastries, with some egg, carrot, and vegetable stuffed. Kue sus is more like a croissant with vanilla fla filled in. I drank yogurt there, it was sour but very fresh, they're all cheap and delicioso!
See that white flakes behind me? They're kerupuk, or keripik some say, chips in English, they were made of potato and they tasted heaven, if you want it, just contact me thru email, I will give you the address where you can actually see the production process too, while buying (and eating on the spot)
We found treasures! Or a time machine? Well anyway we've been dragged in to our childhood memories.. these sweets came from our 14 years ago. Very memorable, though. And, the pictures below, are the ones I took at my gramma's classic house, I didn't actually grew up there, but I most possibly spent my lebaran childhood memories there with my cousins. We played cards, hiked together, and everything. I missed those times, happy times.
SO, that's all the post about the latest trip I did, well nothing much to share, but anyway just enjoy it! XOXO.


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