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Without knowledge and education, what will we be? Let's go back to the year of 1800, during that period, in Indonesia women received little or no education at all. Only the heir from its circle of aristocratic royalty received such privilege, to actually have education at school. I just wondered whether I never get the chance to go to school, I wouldn't be able to write and read, and that's sad. In Indonesia, today we celebrate Kartini's day. Who is she? She's the one leading feminist heroine in Indonesia, she was the one who fought over the women's emancipation. Not only in the education sector, at that time she also saw the problem of our women who were struggling to obtain their freedom, autonomy and legal movement. She's not only a feminist who elevated the status of the women in Indonesia, but she also a nationalist figure, with new brilliant ideas who struggle on behalf of people, including her national struggle for independence. I can't imagine how it would be, if I had to suffer waiting in my room to be married with polygamous married man. I would have gone crazy living in that period by knowing the fact that I can't speak my mind up, just for myself. It is really a wonderful thing, what Kartini has done in the past, she depicted the sufferings of Javanese women that were fettered by the tradition, unable to study, (to speak up), secluded and suffered in the feudal aristocracy in the environment of Javanese culture. That's why I now understand why some people are now keeping up with their slogan saying Don't Waste Kartini's Struggle. I can't stand the fact that even I, myself haven't done anything big and meaningful for me, on behalf myself. I haven't yet make anyone proud of me of being who I am, in this new era of emancipation. Indeed, Kartini has done something even big where she had to struggle alone, fighting her so-called-rights to save the women's right, in that era. I truly feel ashamed of this fact that other than writing and designing clothes, I haven't been done anything big yet, although I already am having many ideas to make some movements related to this issue. Maybe starting to actually fight for women rights regarding gender issues? I still don't know. For starter, I want to actually believe that I will not leave my future profession in droves just because I'm going to systematically deny the opportunity to have the same rights as men, or just because I simply am not strong enough. Well, I am not avoiding the facts that women and men are biologically different, but I will find a way to make myself equal in front of men. Although I am not married yet, I can't hide the fact that whether the cause is biological or cultural, women are on average more willing to sacrifice their careers to family duties than men are. But, this fact is not a shameful thing to be hidden! We must precisely honor this fact that women are those who wholeheartedly know their duties as one kind of God's creature. See, I basically always think that there is no problem in giving up career just to be housewives. I personally think, the real Kartini are the ones who struggle for their families necessities (first) and their private needs later. Clearly, that woman's hierarchy of values has children and family at the top and career lower down. Lots of people may feel that way, but not everyone. What's the justification for imposing one person's value ranking on the whole profession? And that is one proudful opinion of mine. Women can't just cash all chips and forget their duties as mother and wives. And up on this article I post on my blog, I want to cheer every single fighter woman in my family, my Mom, my sister, and for those who wake in the middle of the night to fill the mom duty in while the hubbies sleep away their mind. Cheers! Happy Kartini's Day, Indonesia! XOXO, Arika Indra.
Kartinis in my family, left to right : My big sister, My Mom, My Gramma.


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