Hello, readers! It has been a pretty long time that I didn't update my blog due to my current activities that are keeping me really busy to even catch up. Lately, I feel that I must do something that requires a therapy. Since I have been busy preparing everything (Tosca Belle) , I didn't really have the will to listen to music, and for the past few days, I tried to open my music collection and listen to them one by one. It feels really good. But then I still have my dear idle blog to be posted on. I haven't really write real thing for these past few months because of my final thesis. I really want to get rid of it sooner and graduate, but (maybe) God says, it's now not the time (yet). Come up to think about it, the greatest will to graduate came from the bewildered feeling of me knowing the fact that I'm still in college, for 5 years now. Not to mention the nags that are coming out from my parents, and sisters, I already am feeling annoyed by the fact I can't graduate any sooner than what I (or anyone else) predicted. To cut the crap, I feel insanely disappointed for myself that I can't make it on time. I am totally looking forward for the next phase in my life. To be actually working in the field that I have been dreaming of. And, to keep me sane, I need something that can make me always being positive in every circumstances, to do that, I need to keep on track on doing my hobbies. I don't mean to seek any other distraction, because I don't want to run away from my responsibility, though I still need to do something fun and relaxing for me. Being a half fashion- and travelling blogger, I am one abandoner. To make it up, I have been doing so many photo shoots, including outfit shoots that I haven't had time to post them. So now, I am going to post more fashion articles, and maybe later, I'll write more about travelling. So keep on reading! Hope you will like my post, (and I hope I'm not being to narcisstic) LOL. Have a good read!
Here is the picture of me wearing one of Tosca Belle's signature dress, this dress was made by my older sister KIKI, who is living in Germany at the moment. Thank you for making (us) one of this cute little nice dress. XOXO, Arika Indra.


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