Rescue to the Fashion

Some friends of mine told me that I can actually be a model (or maybe they suggested me to be a kid model? considering I don't grow anymore taller :p), to do it for a living. I honestly, like to be photographed, I liked it too, when I once had to model a shampoo brand on a teen magazine, it was one good memory of mine, also a memorable experience. Though I like being photographed, doing it seriously for a living is never a choice in mind. I don't like to be engaged on this kind of job. Many people mistaken it, that being a model doesn't require anything special other than pretty faces, or great body figure. Me, voluntarily (and happily) being Tosca Belle's model, experienced so many difficulties of being an amateur model. I need to be fit in order to get nice angle of many kind of poses, also I don't like to get my chubby tummy and cheeks to be in the pic, but I (honestly) never really diet. If the shoot is outdoor, I will have to prepare myself getting sun-tanned, which is I'm not very fond of (sun tanned skin). So, even though I never consider being a model as a job for me, I'd never underestimate anyone who do that for a living, instead, I feel envy of those people who get used to do that frequently. If I were being questioned, what I like, I'd probably try to be a fashion stylist instead, like, I have this thousand ideas inside of my brain that need to be done somehow. But yes, for now, I never consider myself to stop taking pictures. :) So, these are also one of the shoots I have recently been doing with my dear model friend, Noy. I wore a long black super mini dress with a grey batwing cardie, and the shoes I was wearing was from the last year Summer edition from Charles and Keith. That day was nice, because my fiance took these pictures.
XOXO, Arika Indra.


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