A Not So Special Trip to Singapore

So last year I did a not so special trip to Malaysia and Singapore with my sister. We didn't really do anything in Singapore actually, but we did take some nice pictures. I know for us, Indonesians (who love to travel a lot), most of us have been visiting Singapore for many reasons, like shopping, or just hanging out in its cool places. So me and my sister were actually craving for Ya Kun Kaya Toast that is located in Lucky Plaza. We went there by MRT and got there on 8AM.
We were so hungry that we ordered the breakfast package that contains a plate of half-boiled egg, and (literally) a pile of Kaya toast, so much loving it, I even have one jar of kaya jam at home :9
Then, we didn't really do much in the afternoon caused of the heat of the sun that day, so we decided to go around Esplanade, Merlion, and chilled out at Marina Bay, then back to Orchard to buy headsets, charger, and cute casings at the Apple Store.
Then we sort of had bruises on our feet because we didn't wear our most comfortable shoewear that time. So we decided to have a rest for a while. Due to my sister's hunger, we also had our lunch at the Food Republic, so that we could choose our favorite menus from Singapore without hesitating towards each other.


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