What is Tosca Belle?

What is Tosca Belle?

This is how the shop button looks like, you can get more details of the clothes with few clicks away from this :

Tosca Belle was officially launched on 28th of February 2012. It was designed by a friend of mine @faizutaqo and @ajengrdc. Both are very helpful and caring during the process. I am grateful to have them in the project. This was a little thing I achieved. And why do I care so much about it is because I might have never been so serious in doing something, and as I grew more mature, I finally found something that is related to my passion, something I love, something I am enjoy in doing it. Though making the www.toscabelle.com in reality is truthfully tiring, (and, too, it may still lacking in many aspects) I am proud having it as my first project. I hope this will continue, further, and hopefully, grow greater.

So, people who are reading my blog, your full support is very much appreciated by only this one simple step :

Register yourself on the website and get updated with our News Letter.
HOW? Just go to this address below and fill in your basic data.

Much Love and Kisses from Arika :*


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