Yes, it has been quite a while since I last posted anything on my blog. Been busy with my tiny little project : http://www.toscabelle.com/ and also my final thesis. I had no time to update anything, and of course write articles like I used to. I am currently at a well, very nice and artistic so called boutique hotel right now, and using wisely the complimentary internet service since I got nothing to do here.

Well, recently I had my hands full. Tosca Belle is a tiny project, but yet it's considered as one of my achievements so far. Though it's still growing and improving, having my own fashion line is indeed exciting. I get to apply my own concept of designing clothes, also I found it pretty interesting having no doubt (impulsively) in buying fashion magazines. But the most interesting part from all, aside from designing clothes is to do the fashion catalog photoshoot. Luckily I have my pretty girl friends that are happily willing to be the models. I get to do their make ups, their hairdos, also to do the styling. It has always been my passion.

If you have read my (old) previous post, I said there that I haven't know yet what my passion are, and thankfully as time goes by, I get to learn things and apply them passionly. Hereby I declare that I am 100% willing to work and to contribute myself in the fashion world.


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