Going Where The Wind Blows

The most original thing I experienced while living abroad was the public transportation. I can bear to miss everything but the trains, the buses, the streets, the Fußgängerzone for pedestrian. I can't just forget the sensation of breezy air in Autumn, crystal snow that fell down in Winter, beautiful flowers that bloom in Spring and the clear blue sky and the cotton clouds in Summer while looking out of the window's train. I always enjoyed the moment back when I was busy with school and my so-called-part time work, and the only me-time I could enjoy was when I walk home after school and walk through the stairs up that took me 10 minutes to get to finally home. Actually I lived in a really beautiful place, up hill. And I will never forget the view that Wiesloch had been represented for me through Juliusblick 40.

These 4 pictures are those that best describe them :)


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