Domino Effect

Yesterday I spent a day full at my campus, so I went back home quite at late. I drive everyday to my campus for about 20km (x2) a day, but it's not a tiring thing since I'm always driving through the highway.

And then yesterday, I was just driving out from the toll gate, and there it was a very long queue, and I might have to inform you that my house, well I live just not far from the gate, it's like 3 minutes more driving then voila, there it is, ma maison. It wasn't surprising tho, because the district where I live in, is really famous with its road-jammed everywhere. But there was something that caught in mind, unexpectedly, I thought about those 'abang - abang asongan' who sell several kinds of snacks, ciggies, and drinks.That very time was prolly the best time out of the day, for them, apparently. I came in to a thinking where I wasn't able to curse, and complain how tired I was and how badly I long for home after a long tiring day at campus. It's not that I was just becoming a highly religious person by thanking God how lucky I am, well that was something I thought about, too ( a little ). But the most interesting part is when I thought, how difficult is earning money nowadays. I'm gonna tell you a little detail, where I let 'pak ogah jadi - jadian' who are in an instance dividing, duplicating whatsoever into a new found clan of 'mang mang ogah', and they were irresistibly MUCH, they're like 10 or something, well the road was exceedingly jammed by the very minimum road capacity that is not enough suitable for the vehicle growth that is annoyingly high in Bandung, city where I live.

Well, back again into the view that I was telling you about, as you know, people in Indonesia, mostly don't know anything about queueing, by the time I was just getting out from the toll gate and led out my way to get behind the (very) long car queue, I saw plenty cars behind me were trying (forcing) to cut off few cars in front of me. At first I was like, what the hell! Get in the fucking line, will you?! But then I saw them unsuccesfully tucked their car in to my line. Eat that. I thought I'm going to see them waiting or take another road, turn to the left and make a detour afterwards, and then maybe cut another queue from the other side of the road and be good drivers by getting in to the queue (btw, I forgot to tell you it was kind of a 3 way intersection, will let you know the details by posting up sum explanation pictures).

But then they were trying to get in the forbidden road that was blocked by the police, a funny view then came in a glimpse, those 'mang mang ogah' were trying them by removing the barrier (Idk how heavy it was), and then let the uncountable naughty cars to get in the road, and just CUT OFF the whole 3 other lines those were queueing patiently before the intersection, I was like speechless, and it was just before my eyes.

And then, I came into a thinking that, nowadays it's supposedly hard for the midlow-class-people in my country just to earn money to fulfill their daily needs. Some said, rules are made to be broke off. But for even trying to obey the traffic rules by helping to diminish the traffic jam and earn the money they need from the vehicle users..., they were instead 'menghalalkan segala cara' for just a little amount of money they earned.

As I have tweeted before, I think my country has every single thing that everyone around the world needs. We are very rich, ridiculously rich ......actually. Until God (who was in a good joking mood when He created this country), put only IDIOTS in our government. I became a bit critical about this whole damn thing. Never-ending- bribery cases, forever lasting CORRUPTIONS, fraud, embezzlement of funds, illegal gratuities, and economic extortion and so on, who are everyday being informed by the media, are things that WE ARE TIRED TO HEAR ABOUT!! I am scared of being skeptical about my country, I never want to get drowned in the valley of pessimistic thinking. I might be no one who ever contributed something to my dear country, but I'm also scared of losing the hope, of 'seeing the sunshine after this whole storm' in my country. Corruptors in my country are being spoiled very much, they can go wherever they want to escape the law, well, our law isn't something that I could say dependable. You can bribe the judge if you want to. Those fraud fugitives, are getting caught happily spending their time in Columbia, after managing to spread things about disability from the performance of one of the most famoust party in Indonesia.

Those money were wasted on these kind of stupid things, while our midlow class people are everyday and night trying to struggle with their lives. It's just funny seeing those idiots are still occupy the whole power in Indonesia. This whole pandemic is seemingly hard to resist, yet I myself can do nothing about it. The theory behind those motives of corruptions, fraud, etc are the consumerism in Indonesia, which is believe to promote greed, may cause the offenders to live beyond their means. The fraudulent are being resorted to boost their income, and looking proud in front of others.

These perceptions, are beyond helpless (there again I'm being sceptic). There is no more consciences from the leaders of this country left. Those people will only concern about their personal interests rather than making this country a better place for its people. All of these things I have been babbled about, are the main cause of the domino effect that is happening in this country.

Malicious Leader > Helpless People (who will try anything to continue their lives, even if they're going to involve themselves in crime, and other things)
All of these, will only lead into one point someday, being defeated by the desire of fulfilling personal interest for the moment..

Hopefully you guys understand what I am talking about, it's just, me, a simple person who's getting tired day by day, seeing things that are just not supposed to be that way.


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