Snobbish Attitude

I think I might just got annoyed by people who tend to classifically write things about other people. I don't like the way they judge others just based on what they do, or what they don't do. Just because they got praised by a lot of people for doing such cool, or noble things, I don't think that they have the rights to not to keep their head down. Snobbish, and over-confident, and all, I just don't like the idea of bragging themselves while looking down to others. Being proud is not the same thing as being snob, clearly. You might have everything that almost everyone wants, but still, don't look down to other people just because you have more. It's getting more tiring looking at yourself talking how ridiculously good you are yet people like me still have to deal with your attitude. Your snobbish personality comes in all shapes, colors, size, and backgrounds. Snobbish people can be uppity about any number of things, from wealth and material items to music and movies, even to things like brands of wine and types of food. The most deluded person I've ever found on twitter, was one who wrote the head-to-toe brands that (s)he uses everyday, just to make us figure out how filthy rich (s)he is.

Well, getting more annoyed by reading such things, I think I might found one way of dealing with snobs. It is to speak with them about their snobbish behavior and let them know how obnoxious it can be. But if the confrontational route isn't for them, there are other methods you can try, such as avoiding snobby people altogether. Like I did, I did unfollow that person long time ago, and it turns out better for me, not to have to read those deluded stuffs on my twitter timeline. Or, if they're purposefully being a snob, question some of their more egregious comments in an attempt to understand the snob's point of view. Counter with your own viewpoint to create an ongoing dialogue (if it's necessary).

Why do I have to put this on my blog?
Confront the snob by announcing how much I dislike snobbery, I would like to speak here clearly, calmly and articulately about how ugly and obnoxious snobbery can be, and how those who engage in such behavior tend to be insecure. This approach may cause snobs some embarrassment and could cause a few uncomfortable moments, particularly if others are also involved in this articles or to those who are paying attention of this person (or know who might this person be). :P

Snobs are people who need to inflate their own egos in order to feel successful and look beautiful. Do not give into their ego.

It's okay to brag things once in a while, especially those proudful things you did, and you'd like it to be announced to the whole world, it is totally okay. It's also okay to brag your new cars, once in a while, because buying cars is not like buying peanuts (clearly). It is also okay to brag your good notes, because you earned it! It's totally okay to sometimes brag about your sweet boyfriend/ girlfriend, because you love them. But it is not appropriate when you intend to brag things you have, just look down to other people. It is not okay to under-estimate other people, esp people who don't know you, both ways.

Thought that this one would be helpful for you who are dealing with snobs, and for snobs who are dealing with other people.

Get offend if you are one of the snobs! :)


Anonymous said...

You made me feel better after my awfulencounter at a consignment store today. I took in a beautiful three piece suit that I had worn once, to a wedding. It had been dry cleaned and I think it is gorgeous. I was told they "only accept Ann Taylor and up."

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