Happiest Birthday Dear Fiance

So this is me again! I post this one especially for my fiance who is about to turn 24!! Yippie, by this, i mean to tell you guys, that we have been spending 3 times birthdays together, oh well we're not celebrating his bday last year, bcos I was away, and he was ______ better not spill it, or else it will ruin this special moment! LOL! I am so happy that we're now together (you guys probably have heard this for gazillion times, haven't you?), but I dont want to get bored saying those publically.

Well now all I wish for him is everything that will turn out best, that will turn out like he wants, and everything's good for him, he's the closest person to me, and for 4 years we have been together, we are hoping that there will be another 96 years ahead waiting for us to come and get through.

Resa, you know I'd go cheesy for you.
Here they are I am wishing you an ultimate, non-expired, gigantic happiness in your life, a successful carrier, may all your wish and dreams come true, and may God always bless you in your every step. I love you, we both know, I really do. Recalling these moments to be together again is priceless. I am grateful that we could spend your 24th birthday together. Kisses from Bandung I sent you, they fly away to Jakarta.


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