So Many Stories to Tell, so Little time I have

So here I am now enjoying a lovely afternoon at Indischetafel in Bandung. A very beautiful lounge, with hi-speed internet connection which allows me to put my finger and again dance on my laptop keyboard.

I've got tons stories to tell.

First of all, I am happy to tell you guys that I am now engaged to Resa, after a long dramatic process we had, we're now finally exclusive. I am happy with my life here. I was scared to adapt myself again as I got back in Indonesia, but things turned out beautiful, I get the chance to hang out with all my pretty friends, share again with my besties LIVE. No more webcaming and so ever, All i can tell you now is I AM HAPPY WITH WHAT I HAVE GOT, and I don't wanna snap this happiness over nothing.

I also want to tell you one of the happiest moment in my life. So I was interviewed at this one big media industry. At a TV company, and it was a huge opportunity they offered me. And yes I GOT ACCEPTED! But I still have classes from Monday to Friday so that easily put me in such between confusion, should I take the job or not? So I was interviewed as a TV reporter, and you guys probably know that I have been always dreaming to work as a news anchor. I've always been in love with those pretty anchor, they look stunning with those blazers, and I get to see those pretty yet brainy people everyday on TV, so I was really put a high hope, and dream to become one, and the job they offered me was one of a big step, I reckon, to reach one of my biggest dream to work as a news anchor. But sadly, I have to let the offer go. My study program is now my number one priority, I don't want to be bothered on anything but my study. I really want to reach this one big goal, to fastly graduate as a bachelor of art next year, and I need to do this seriously so I guess I did a right decision.
As time goes by, I realized that people should really take what THEY NEED, not what THEY WANT. So, I guess I step a higher level of maturity just now. I am happy because people around me are being supportive on every single things I do.
You know, I miss Germany so much. I miss every single things I've experienced there, but you guys should know I've got uncountable happiness I should be grateful since I moved back here.

On January, I had a beautiful trip to Bali, yes I haven't been there since ages, and I should probably tell you how beautiful there is, Bali has become one of the place I would miss in a snap of my free time thinking. I would def move there if someone offers me to.
On February, I worked on my campus project. A social service. I had to live in the village in Sumedang for 1 month, and live a simple life with 22 college friends there. It was an experience I should never forget. I teached kids English at elementary schools, and it was great.
On March, I was totally busy preparing my engagement party. It was a beautiful night, our two big families had finally met up, and introduced ourselves to each other. Resa looked sooooooo nervous, and I was the one who looked more relax, but in fact I was chilled to my bones! But it was nice, all of my friends also came to the party, and it was a modern-traditional ceremony.
On April, I got interviewed, and I won one of competition, I shouldnt probably tell you guys rite now, this big secret will be up on the publication very soon :) just wait!

Here i'll post up pics:


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