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You know, today I am so pissed out that all I was feeling just similar to an-upset-stomach after eating something allergically wrong. I found out that on Twitter, the number one trending topic is still that unbearable-high-question-mark-issue-how-could it-be-so-popular-in-all-of-the-sudden "Keong Racun". I have to admit that I am so into Twitter this following year, and I am counting on pretty much of getting information from all over the world from Twitter, so it does matter to me what's currently on the trending chart and what's not, because I simply use Twitter for pretty much - almost everything.

And so I checked on that "Keong Racun" and all I ever know this 2 strange words is Indonesian words means; Poisoned Snails, or Venomed Slugs, or whatever.

So I checked on Youtube, what the hell was that thing actually, then I found it was something to do with parody cover on a song called "Keong Racun". With all due respect, I don't like that kind of song in a general way. I mean it's still an artwork anyway, so I speak behalf on my own taste, so sorry for the singer, but I really like this song, NOT.

Okay, so I found a video cover from 2 young girls, mmkay young Indonesian girls to be detail, who were Lip singing the song and doing some kind of funny dance (?) (well I don't think that the video is even an inch close to be called as a funny video, in my opinion of course).

And so, to be honest, I watched it for 2 times, to find out what so necessary about this video to be put up on the trending topic for three days in a row. And under any normal circumstances, I mean until now, I haven't got what's the point of the video, and what's so funny about it. So I leave the Youtube page in peace.

And so then I'm doing my normal social life, meeting up with some foreign friends here, and we talked about almost everything. We talked about our home country as the most common thing to talk about, and for sure I am proud with all my dignity to promote my lovely country, especially its tourism destination. I even offered a warm hearted open door to them who might wanna have a vacation in Indonesia, and I surely would like to be a nice host to them. So I normally talked about Batik, Bali, and also my current obsession; Belitong. Pretty much everything I know about Indonesia.

I am so proud to be an Indonesian that I even care to tell them that I am able to understand two of traditional Indonesian languages; Javanese and Sundanese. I was flattered enough receiving praises and compliments from them, that I even bragged about how different Sundanese, Javanese and Bahasa Indonesia sound.

I also tell them there are much more than a hundred traditional languages, and so then I usually talked about traditional wedding processions, too, which are also the things I would like to bring up to promote Indonesia. I talked pretty much about how sacred and beautiful a Javanese traditional wedding look like.

I am proud to be a true blood of Javanese, and I thank my sister and my brother in law big enough, that they let me helped them doing their wonderful 3 days row Javanese traditional wedding, so that I can brag a little bit about it to represent it in front of my foreign friends.

And too, Bali is also the most favorite subject to be brag about. I love to see those excite expression from them every time I talk about Bali or another beautiful tourism region in Indonesia. How I am proud to show them some unbearable gorgeous pictures from Belitong, Lombok or Makassar, and even though I have never been to Papua before, I brag a little bit about Papua to them, to show them what so sexy about my country.

And back again to the topic on where I was so pissed about those un-necessary trending topics on Twitter. I have had enough answering the previous never ending questions about Ariel Peterporn, and truthfully I'm so done with that. I even saw the news on E! entertainment news. Holy crap.

And then back again with this whole phenomenon of "Keong Racun". I am pretty much everyday watching Korean entertainer videos on Youtube, and I literally love them a lot.

I'll take one as an example. SNSD (Girls Generation), I mean they can absolutely dance, sing and act properly on the so called entertainment industry. I want something at least similar to them to be brag about, from Indonesia, not like some random meaningless young girls doing a parody cover on Youtube that even sucked up the most attention from Indonesian public. I DON'T UNDERSTAND, WHAT'S SO IMPORTANT ABOUT THEM BEING ON THE TRENDING TOPIC.

It doesn't mean that I wasn't trying to understand the meaning or what's behind the goal for making such video. Because with all due respect, I won't say anything bad about the video, and there's nothing wrong on making such videos. It's a free way to express your creativity. But however, I have seen a thousand another real funny parody videos from all over the world, and they look quiet normal.

I mean, okay whatever they are doing now, let's just call it a blessing in disguise for the girls, because they got famous in all of the sudden.

But what's so bothering is, why so proud about it that you guys should put them on the trending topic for 3 days in a row. And why am I being so concerned about this? Because I am tired that I wasn't able to answer questions about that. I tire myself to keep on thinking what kind of answer I should give to all of my friends, which in some ways, I'm still covering the "Keong racun" phenomenon to be looked as something well at least necessary and not at all pointless.

But you know, to be honest it is hard to cover up such thing. They even asked me, how talented they are, and how could they be on the trending topic in such a long period. It is though, questionable, also for me. I myself keep on thinking why they had became so popular, I mean they did even barely sing, didn't they?

I am also hoping that what I wrote here is not becoming pointless at some level. I am really hoping there's really something that we can really show, represent, promote and brag about us, which in this case related on to entertainment world, someday.

I am looking forward to see a really necessary talks on the trending topic, an issue that brought up from a real talented person, or whoever, that makes sense to be bragged about, or less be proud about.

I would like to see an SNSD version of Indonesian girls, a real talented ones. And I would like to spread up a little thing about Indonesia, we still do really have something to talk about much more than just porn or meaningless parody Youtube videos. Go and try to Google some more about Bali, Lombok, Makassar, or Belitong, I've told you earlier. And remember BATIK IS OUR NATURE NATIONAL HERRITAGE!!!

My current obsession; Belitong.

Peace, love, and cheers.


frantica justine ceremony said...

i know it's ridiculous. we're on the same line. actually, i don't like them at the first time i saw on youtube, and hardly find a good things about them :D i mean, it's f-ing lipsync, what so special about that? abg, blah.

syara said...

setuju. coba tonton indonesia mencari bakat deh na, (gw baru ketemu tv setelah sekian lama, jadi baru liat acara ini)...bagus!.

Arika Indra said...


Rizky Indrameikha Sugianto said...

coba bikin trending topics yu di twitter yang at least bisa memptomosikan indonesia dari segi art, tourism, atau keistimewaan lain yg bisa kita banggakan... :) karena twitter dibaca semua bangsa, we should at least show some dignity... no more keong racun nor ariel peterporn.

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