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Yes, you know right. I have been pretty much lifeless lately, so actually blogging is pretty much an interesting thing to do these times. So I will be coming back to my home country, in nearly, days. Naw, I don't wanna talk about that. The past few days ago I've been trying to figure out how to change my blog layout, and it turned out not okay, so I am happy enough that now my blog is at the very least, looking normal. I am aiming to keep up on blogging, because I simply love it. So today I would like to write about my current music playlist.

I kinda love the current weather, it's raining everyday, a nice weather I should really say. I kinda enjoy my previous days just to sit around having coffee and watch some Korean and Japanese drama. I would like to suggest you guys to watch Personal Taste, a korean drama, if you are in a chilling mood, this easy-to-watch-drama fits a lot on to your mood, I don't know why, I just love the guy role so much. Okay now I'm babbling around way too much. I'm not normally being a big of fans of a Korean good looking actor or whoever, but this drama series is an exception. And now I am couraging myself to blog more and more about anything. I know I mostly wrote about myself, and I am thinking forward to write about something informative.

A nice weather, a chilly ambience, always a perfect match to what kind of music we recently listen. I might give you guys idea what to listen just now.

- The whole album of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

One of my favorite song is called Rome, I don't know exactly why I fall in love so much with this song, though I already cancelled my travel plan to Rome (T-T), I do really think that this song are more than it, it does describe a lot the essence of the lyric without having exact meaning of the lyric. I have my own different translation to this song, and it means a lot to describe my current mood. However, I love Phoenix since I was in Junior High School, so do not even wonder why am I adoring this band so much.

- A song called In 1997 The Bullet Was Shy by SORE

sinful recognition in my life, goes without no one... goes when those foes gone. When my ignorance is bitting, those friends will not fall down...but time has surely found me. I do refuse to be abused by the sickening conclusion, the deafening delusion...of life that once i've known... of life that once might have grown.
Well okay, I should admit this song describes pretty much everything about what has been through with my life.

- La Derniere Valse by Mireille Mathieu

I already miss Paris a lot, and this song just reminds me a lot when I was having a blast solo trip back there, I don't know, I just miss the way I get anxiety attack because I almost get lost somewhere in the metro subway. And I might be looked stupid that I spent more than 2 hours sit around Le Petite Palais just to finish´reading The Alchemist for the second time, instead taking a walk somewhere to see more about Paris. But I did enjoy that time, it just felt like I was living in that city and having a regular afternoon time reading book somewhere in the city.

- Beautiful Surprise by India Arie

This song... is the most beautiful song ever, the lyric, all of its composition is just perfect, I already listen to this song long long time a go, it's just like one of my life time soundtrack. Don't just look up the lyric because I am not having exact experience as how it was written on the lyric.

- Bloodstream by Stateless.

I found this song a previous months a go. I kept on listening to it and put it on every playlist on my iPod, and I have been trying to play it on the piano, but no working. Should really put a much courage into it.

- Arctic Monkey, The Bakery.

I just love this song, look up for this song and listen to it, if you're questioning why. Go try to experience the mood yourself.

- Russian Red, Ciggaretes.

I did say that I wish I was born Russian, because I love redhead! And I just love this kind of song, and how she sing it. Cute.

I'm not in the mood of posting pictures or something like that, so I hope this post will be at least helping you guys to find something to listen in case you are getting bored of your playlist.



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