Paris, France.

So I was freaking tired after having a long sit in the train before I arrived in Paris. I got a special bound with highway board or some kind of street sign every where I traveled. Like when I was having a trip to Spain (I'm soon going to post the trip but it takes a lot of time and hard work to arrange a good post and also edit the photos, and uploading those pictures to blogspot could take time until I graduate from college, I'd say, yes because I was using Momo's great camera, and those giant sized photos, make me too lazy to work on the post), So anyway, I was so happy that I already arrived in Paris.

Yes this one is absolutely that unbearable famous Moulin Rouge. So I was just passing by when my first destination was The Sacré Cœur Basilica, Basilique du Sacré-Cœur or Basilica of the Sacred Heart is in the Montmarte District of Paris.

It was raining, so I didn't take a lot of pictures. Well I'm not into old architectural church or building actually, but when I was there, I should admit that everything I saw was too stunning to be left out without being photographed.

If I'm not mistaken, yes, the picture above, it was definitely the spot where Andy Sachs (stared by Anne Hathaway on her big hit movie The Devil Wears Prada) was throwing her phone into one of beautiful fountain.

... then I was heading directly to the incredibly famous Eiffel Tower.

I wasn't that big a fan of Paris or Eiffel, like every girls in my country or name it Asian girls do. But as I arrived there, I'd call myself right now, a great fan of Paris. Can you sum up gorgeous + beautiful + stunning into one word? I'd like to say, speechless. (though everybody said that Paris is not as clean as other cities in Germany or Swiss, I don't care though, I can say it out loud that Paris is beautiful).

You're right. This is the place where those fashionist-socialite-community held the Fashion Week, well I don't know exactly where the runway and bla bla bla are, but as far as I've seen, those high society people are getting photographed pretty much here. Oh I wish I could step on those sand on my Louboutin or yeah whatever.

Oh, did I forget to tell you something? It was fucking cloudy.

Yeah, finally Musee de Louvre, and it took a big effort to ask someone to take my picture that way. I don't really remember if that was pretty cold, but I guess the weather became nicer as I did my first step at Louvre. I didn't get in, because I'd rather see another spot, and can't wait for getting to my fave spot in Paris, which I'm going to tell you soon.

and then.... here it is, Hard Rock Paris! (No it wasn't my favorite spot) But yeah it was the coolest place in town. I did take a lot of pictures inside, but I'm not gonna post it here, it's going to waste me maybe a day to blog them, for the guy reader it must be amusing for you, guys, really, I can guarantee you a great experience, if you once go there when you're in Paris. I even sat under a harmonica used by Bob Dylan, and saw his autograph like 1 inch close. Well whatever it takes, if you guys got a chance to go to Paris someday, try to find Hard Rock Cafe, well it wasn't that easy to reach, but build up a GPS in your head, man. LOL, no kidding, just use a simple map, and it's better if you got GPS feature on your cell. It'll be so much easier. I had a almost 9 euro Corona there, i didn't bring so much cash, and I already spent it on the big chrome Eiffel miniature I bought earlier. So I was like, okay I'd like to have the cheapest beverage they sell there, and it was Corona. And yeah it was almost 9 euro, sucks.

So I blogged this while listening to Phoenix, which is pretty much matching on one to another. And I feel really sorry for myself that I forgot to put them on my iPod while walking down those beautiful streets in Paris. I have been wanting to listen to Mireille Mathieu once I get to Paris, sit somewhere reading book, and yay I did it. I did finished The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, while sitting somewhere near the Le Petite Palais (I'm not gonna post the pic), but I did listen to Mireille Mathieu while finishing the book, and it was undescribeable, the feeling, when I experienced something I really crave before and it just did exactly like how I've been dreaming about it.

And The Metro. No I don't like it so much that I have to blog it and say that it was so sophisticated and so ever. Not at all. I live in Germany with all those great-comfortable public transportations, so I won't say any good word comparing to them. But I'm in love with those Metropolitan signs, it was so...Paris.

And these pictures are.............my favorite spot in the whole world, ever, ever, ever. It has also beaten up Bandung, my hometown, my birth place, my everything. I don't care, because I know I left my heart somewhere there, and I mean it, seriously, I'm going to take it back again someday (oh maybe in 2 months? LOL). I know I'm being cheesy about this, but I don't know I just love this place so much. (Arc de Triomph and Champs de Elysses).

Uh-oh, if you're questioning about something, Yes I did change my sunglasses few times. :p And do I look taller? No. I am taller. :)

So catchya latey, Love, Arika.


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