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Why do I have blog? Do I love to be in attention?
No, my goal of having this blog is letting my ego speaks up everything without being confined with anything nor anyone else. We do have facebook, we do have twitter, we do have maybe like 10 social accounts. Those uncountable accounts are made as an aim to keep in touch and stay connected with real social people. I made my facebook account for keeping in touch with friends and family all together, and Twitter, well sometime it's like a simple trash where I can microblog my 140 character thought every single day. Some people use it as a messenger, I don't care.

And back again, why do I have blog? I love to post up some pictures (of me LOL) here, because I don't hesitate myself for what people think or what will people say. I love blogging, it gives me a hell of fun, telling people what's on your mind, or just spreading some current information or just posting up some picture. And the thing is, you can freely express yourself, of whoever you wanna be on your blog. Apparently, I don't have any alter ego after all, so what do I blog reflects what I actually am. I can easily write anything I want, I mean, not in addition to offend someone else or some institutions or whatever, but I blog what I thought.

So what I'm trying to say is, please be kind of ignoring whatever I want to write with just simply click the button up right on your screen which is similar to a letter "X", and never type www.arikaindra.blogspot.com on your browser, ever again. If you don't like what I posted, or whatever it is, please be simply close the page, and leave it alone like that. I mean, this is my blog, I write everything I want here, I post every single details I wanna share with you guys. And if someway, my writing is bothering you, I won't apologize either, as far as I concern about my writing, I don't have any subject that could make me do any apologize to anyone.

And yeah, I have my past, and I bet you, too. And you over there, too, right? So please, leave it alone like that, if sometime I would post up something related on my whatever past, so please let it be like that.

so i'll post up some more. gotta get ready for big day tomorrow,I'm going to meet the head of University of Heidelberg, wish me luck! Cathcya lattey! Love, Arika.


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