My Magical Map

First of all, I wanna tell you the story about my magical wall map. My Dad gave me a gigantic Europe map that now hangs on my wall in my room in Indonesia. I used to love having colorful post it to remind me about almost everything. So I put some post-its and wrote a year where I should be in this and that country (in Europe). So unintentionally put on 2009 I should be in Germany, 2010 I should really visit France, and Paris as the most reason, and 2011, I should live in London, England no matter what.

I tried to not call it a magical, but somehow it became true, (well I still keep on wishing for the last one post it on England part). But yeah, I should let you guys know, that the map is hanged on my wall since 2006. So if you want something badly, try to start to tease yourself with simple things first, and on the previous post I even said that if you want something really hard, the universe will conquer you to get that, because we are all from the same place, and as we speak in the same language, well I'm not talking about English as our international language, I mean we all have the same language that we could possibly understand each other without learning it, and yes it the universe language, so talk to universe what you really want, and I am pretty sure if they hear you, they will help you to get whatever you want, even it's impossible.

Well Paris, wasn't that kind of impossible thing at my point of view, but I did something that made me proud of myself, that I let my guts outta myself to have a solo trip to Paris last weekend, and I found out that I am quite smart enough to cracked out how to use Metro in Paris to see almost everything there.

And, yeah, I should say, I left my heart somewhere at Chammps de Elysees.


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