Adios, Espana.

I was with my dear roomie having a blast one week trip to Mallorca, Spain. The first day I came, when I first see the sea, and the sand, and the sky so bright, I tweeted "Heaven on Earth" on my Twitter, yes it literally was! But I was kinda having early flight from Stuttgart and landed in Palma like on 09.00 that day, so we were pretty tired. We got really nice hotel directly to the beach, even though we didn't get the beach view instead a mini market in front of our hotel, and they named it SUPERMARKT after all, it was really a mini market but they known it as a super one, i wondered how big is the real supermarket (?) Okay whatever.

I have to be honest that on the day 4 and 5 I felt kinda bored there, I even missed Heidelberg for 2 days straight, or maybe because I got ill at that time too, so I didn't really enjoy the sun, but after all when we explored Palma, we were totally happy, that I even got something for Mom and Dad, that I've been thinking to buy them those stuffs, but I won't find it in Germany. But well Palma is a beautiful city, but I have to admit that I am in love with Germany, so I still think German cities are still the best among all.

I did sunbathing, and I got browned a little bit, and it was kinda sexy for a moment, but it turns out not, so I now wish that I can get my real skin color asap, God, I hate to be brown, and don't look good. I mean, there plenty people who got tanned and they look good, but me, blah, I would be lucky if somebody call me good with brown skin.

Spain is always identically with beaches, I saw a lot of pretty beaches there, and yes it was like heaven, blue everywhere, and nice weather not like in Germany for sure, and also the chipping birds I heard everywhere, and the hospitality of the people that I wouldn't even forget. Funny story, I went night out with Amalia, and there were like plenty of 14 - 18 years old teenager everywhere. We were wondering what are they doing at night like this, are they going to do party, or drinking whatever it is called on the beach. But suddenly turns out that we were like rarely appear in the city, (yeah I think it kinda was, because we didn't meet any other Asian people at all!), and I was like sitting having beer, and they came like out of nowhere, asking us, where do we came from, and blah blah blah. I was pretty excited for a moment, because they were like surprised, amazed, and like really excited to hear some words from us. And I have to really say that, they couldn't even speak English, so I was like lost in translation. And even that, they asked us to get photograph together, I mean they were pretty cute, but somehow it was annoying too, we were kinda tired that night.

But after all that was a blast, we were having a very good time, and here are some pictures, edited by Bayu Seno for free. I'll upload some more later,k.


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