So we did found this cherry tree. And I'm still using leg brace and crutch. And to get myself there, I burned out a big amount of my calories. You could imagine.

Paris, France.

So I was freaking tired after having a long sit in the train before I arrived in Paris. I got a special bound with highway board or some kind of street sign every where I traveled. Like when I was having a trip to Spain (I'm soon going to post the trip but it takes a lot of time and hard work to arrange a good post and also edit the photos, and uploading those pictures to blogspot could take time until I graduate from college, I'd say, yes because I was using Momo's great camera, and those giant sized photos, make me too lazy to work on the post), So anyway, I was so happy that I already arrived in Paris.

Yes this one is absolutely that unbearable famous Moulin Rouge. So I was just passing by when my first destination was The Sacré Cœur Basilica, Basilique du Sacré-Cœur or Basilica of the Sacred Heart is in the Montmarte District of Paris.

It was raining, so I didn't take a lot of pictures. Well I'm not into old architectural church or building actually, but when I was there, I should admit that everything I saw was too stunning to be left out without being photographed.

If I'm not mistaken, yes, the picture above, it was definitely the spot where Andy Sachs (stared by Anne Hathaway on her big hit movie The Devil Wears Prada) was throwing her phone into one of beautiful fountain.

... then I was heading directly to the incredibly famous Eiffel Tower.

I wasn't that big a fan of Paris or Eiffel, like every girls in my country or name it Asian girls do. But as I arrived there, I'd call myself right now, a great fan of Paris. Can you sum up gorgeous + beautiful + stunning into one word? I'd like to say, speechless. (though everybody said that Paris is not as clean as other cities in Germany or Swiss, I don't care though, I can say it out loud that Paris is beautiful).

You're right. This is the place where those fashionist-socialite-community held the Fashion Week, well I don't know exactly where the runway and bla bla bla are, but as far as I've seen, those high society people are getting photographed pretty much here. Oh I wish I could step on those sand on my Louboutin or yeah whatever.

Oh, did I forget to tell you something? It was fucking cloudy.

Yeah, finally Musee de Louvre, and it took a big effort to ask someone to take my picture that way. I don't really remember if that was pretty cold, but I guess the weather became nicer as I did my first step at Louvre. I didn't get in, because I'd rather see another spot, and can't wait for getting to my fave spot in Paris, which I'm going to tell you soon.

and then.... here it is, Hard Rock Paris! (No it wasn't my favorite spot) But yeah it was the coolest place in town. I did take a lot of pictures inside, but I'm not gonna post it here, it's going to waste me maybe a day to blog them, for the guy reader it must be amusing for you, guys, really, I can guarantee you a great experience, if you once go there when you're in Paris. I even sat under a harmonica used by Bob Dylan, and saw his autograph like 1 inch close. Well whatever it takes, if you guys got a chance to go to Paris someday, try to find Hard Rock Cafe, well it wasn't that easy to reach, but build up a GPS in your head, man. LOL, no kidding, just use a simple map, and it's better if you got GPS feature on your cell. It'll be so much easier. I had a almost 9 euro Corona there, i didn't bring so much cash, and I already spent it on the big chrome Eiffel miniature I bought earlier. So I was like, okay I'd like to have the cheapest beverage they sell there, and it was Corona. And yeah it was almost 9 euro, sucks.

So I blogged this while listening to Phoenix, which is pretty much matching on one to another. And I feel really sorry for myself that I forgot to put them on my iPod while walking down those beautiful streets in Paris. I have been wanting to listen to Mireille Mathieu once I get to Paris, sit somewhere reading book, and yay I did it. I did finished The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, while sitting somewhere near the Le Petite Palais (I'm not gonna post the pic), but I did listen to Mireille Mathieu while finishing the book, and it was undescribeable, the feeling, when I experienced something I really crave before and it just did exactly like how I've been dreaming about it.

And The Metro. No I don't like it so much that I have to blog it and say that it was so sophisticated and so ever. Not at all. I live in Germany with all those great-comfortable public transportations, so I won't say any good word comparing to them. But I'm in love with those Metropolitan signs, it was so...Paris.

And these pictures are.............my favorite spot in the whole world, ever, ever, ever. It has also beaten up Bandung, my hometown, my birth place, my everything. I don't care, because I know I left my heart somewhere there, and I mean it, seriously, I'm going to take it back again someday (oh maybe in 2 months? LOL). I know I'm being cheesy about this, but I don't know I just love this place so much. (Arc de Triomph and Champs de Elysses).

Uh-oh, if you're questioning about something, Yes I did change my sunglasses few times. :p And do I look taller? No. I am taller. :)

So catchya latey, Love, Arika.


Paper, Rock, Scissors

"I understand that Scissors can beat Paper, and I get how Rock can beat Scissors, but there's no way Paper can beat Rock.

Paper is supposed to magically wrap around Rock leaving it immobile? Why in the world can't paper do this to scissors?

Screw scissors, why can't paper do this to people?

Why isn't notebook paper constantly suffocating students while they take notes in class?

I'll tell you why: because paper can't beat anybody; a rock would tear that shit up in 2 seconds. When I play rock/paper/scissors, I always choose rock. Then when somebody claims to beat me with their paper I can punch them in the face with my already clenched fist and say, "Oh shoot, I'm sorry. I thought paper would protect you, you my Darling!"


1.Regret Something You Did In The Past? -Plenty things.

2.Country You Wanna Visit: -Greece, Japan.

3.Way You Wanna Die: -unpainfully beautiful?

4.Like Thunderstorms? -TOTALLY!

5.Get Along W/ Your Parents? -sometimes.

6.R U A Health Freak? - TOTALLY (NO).

7.U Think Ur Attractive? - I sure do :)

8.Do You Believe In Yourself? -Naaah, not really.

9.Wanna Get Married? -Pretty much later.

10.Wanna Go To College? -I have already.

11.Shower Daily? -Sometimes twice a day.

12.Want Kids? -One or two would be enough :p

13.When Do U Wanna Lose Your Virginity? -Well..

14.Do U Hate Anyone? -I do hate some people.

16.Do You Think You Can Sing? -I do, but most of my friends dont think so :p

17.Can You Open You Eyes Underwater? -No, crap, it hurts!

18.Eat Whatever And Not Worry? -True. I don't have anything to be worry (LIAR).

19.Can You Whistle? -Not really.

20.Can You Walk In High Heels? -I am a pro, both in high heels and sneakers.

21.Do You Sleep W/ The Light On? -No, i turn off the light.

22.Do You Like Super Spicy Foods? -Yes, I do.

23.Can You Multitask? -Well, not really.

24.Touch Your Nose W/ Your Tongue? -Can not, but I have to confess I did try when i read this question. LOL.

25.Can You Fit In Your Locker? -No?

26.Do You Spit? -Sometime LOL. This is embarassing!

27.Can You Taste The Difference Between Pepsi And Coke? -I guess..not.

28.If You Could Wish 4 Anything...What Would You Wish?
- Sleeping on the proper time.
- A tattoo on my wrist.
- A Macbook.
- A trip to Greece or Japan.

29.What Kind Of Perfume Or Colone Do You Wear? -Halle Berry, and U.C.O.Benetton.

30.What Kind Of Soap Do You Use? -Yves Rocher.

31.What's Your Favorite Scent? -Musk.

32.Would You Choose To Live Forever If You Could? -If it's gonna be as cool as vampire did, then I would wanna have a try.

33.Books or movies? -Definitely books! I am a worm.

34.Do you think of someone? -Yeah lately.

35.Have you ever been in a serious relationship? -Frankly, I did.


My Magical Map

First of all, I wanna tell you the story about my magical wall map. My Dad gave me a gigantic Europe map that now hangs on my wall in my room in Indonesia. I used to love having colorful post it to remind me about almost everything. So I put some post-its and wrote a year where I should be in this and that country (in Europe). So unintentionally put on 2009 I should be in Germany, 2010 I should really visit France, and Paris as the most reason, and 2011, I should live in London, England no matter what.

I tried to not call it a magical, but somehow it became true, (well I still keep on wishing for the last one post it on England part). But yeah, I should let you guys know, that the map is hanged on my wall since 2006. So if you want something badly, try to start to tease yourself with simple things first, and on the previous post I even said that if you want something really hard, the universe will conquer you to get that, because we are all from the same place, and as we speak in the same language, well I'm not talking about English as our international language, I mean we all have the same language that we could possibly understand each other without learning it, and yes it the universe language, so talk to universe what you really want, and I am pretty sure if they hear you, they will help you to get whatever you want, even it's impossible.

Well Paris, wasn't that kind of impossible thing at my point of view, but I did something that made me proud of myself, that I let my guts outta myself to have a solo trip to Paris last weekend, and I found out that I am quite smart enough to cracked out how to use Metro in Paris to see almost everything there.

And, yeah, I should say, I left my heart somewhere at Chammps de Elysees.



Don't you just love the tone?

p.s : pssshhh.. look at my tummy, don't you just believe it? lol.


Like in 3x24hrs? Hell yeah.

my reading blog rule :)

Why do I have blog? Do I love to be in attention?
No, my goal of having this blog is letting my ego speaks up everything without being confined with anything nor anyone else. We do have facebook, we do have twitter, we do have maybe like 10 social accounts. Those uncountable accounts are made as an aim to keep in touch and stay connected with real social people. I made my facebook account for keeping in touch with friends and family all together, and Twitter, well sometime it's like a simple trash where I can microblog my 140 character thought every single day. Some people use it as a messenger, I don't care.

And back again, why do I have blog? I love to post up some pictures (of me LOL) here, because I don't hesitate myself for what people think or what will people say. I love blogging, it gives me a hell of fun, telling people what's on your mind, or just spreading some current information or just posting up some picture. And the thing is, you can freely express yourself, of whoever you wanna be on your blog. Apparently, I don't have any alter ego after all, so what do I blog reflects what I actually am. I can easily write anything I want, I mean, not in addition to offend someone else or some institutions or whatever, but I blog what I thought.

So what I'm trying to say is, please be kind of ignoring whatever I want to write with just simply click the button up right on your screen which is similar to a letter "X", and never type www.arikaindra.blogspot.com on your browser, ever again. If you don't like what I posted, or whatever it is, please be simply close the page, and leave it alone like that. I mean, this is my blog, I write everything I want here, I post every single details I wanna share with you guys. And if someway, my writing is bothering you, I won't apologize either, as far as I concern about my writing, I don't have any subject that could make me do any apologize to anyone.

And yeah, I have my past, and I bet you, too. And you over there, too, right? So please, leave it alone like that, if sometime I would post up something related on my whatever past, so please let it be like that.

so i'll post up some more. gotta get ready for big day tomorrow,I'm going to meet the head of University of Heidelberg, wish me luck! Cathcya lattey! Love, Arika.


I've been meaning for this.

Next Month? Sure a hell of yeah. Amen.


Adios, Espana.

I was with my dear roomie having a blast one week trip to Mallorca, Spain. The first day I came, when I first see the sea, and the sand, and the sky so bright, I tweeted "Heaven on Earth" on my Twitter, yes it literally was! But I was kinda having early flight from Stuttgart and landed in Palma like on 09.00 that day, so we were pretty tired. We got really nice hotel directly to the beach, even though we didn't get the beach view instead a mini market in front of our hotel, and they named it SUPERMARKT after all, it was really a mini market but they known it as a super one, i wondered how big is the real supermarket (?) Okay whatever.

I have to be honest that on the day 4 and 5 I felt kinda bored there, I even missed Heidelberg for 2 days straight, or maybe because I got ill at that time too, so I didn't really enjoy the sun, but after all when we explored Palma, we were totally happy, that I even got something for Mom and Dad, that I've been thinking to buy them those stuffs, but I won't find it in Germany. But well Palma is a beautiful city, but I have to admit that I am in love with Germany, so I still think German cities are still the best among all.

I did sunbathing, and I got browned a little bit, and it was kinda sexy for a moment, but it turns out not, so I now wish that I can get my real skin color asap, God, I hate to be brown, and don't look good. I mean, there plenty people who got tanned and they look good, but me, blah, I would be lucky if somebody call me good with brown skin.

Spain is always identically with beaches, I saw a lot of pretty beaches there, and yes it was like heaven, blue everywhere, and nice weather not like in Germany for sure, and also the chipping birds I heard everywhere, and the hospitality of the people that I wouldn't even forget. Funny story, I went night out with Amalia, and there were like plenty of 14 - 18 years old teenager everywhere. We were wondering what are they doing at night like this, are they going to do party, or drinking whatever it is called on the beach. But suddenly turns out that we were like rarely appear in the city, (yeah I think it kinda was, because we didn't meet any other Asian people at all!), and I was like sitting having beer, and they came like out of nowhere, asking us, where do we came from, and blah blah blah. I was pretty excited for a moment, because they were like surprised, amazed, and like really excited to hear some words from us. And I have to really say that, they couldn't even speak English, so I was like lost in translation. And even that, they asked us to get photograph together, I mean they were pretty cute, but somehow it was annoying too, we were kinda tired that night.

But after all that was a blast, we were having a very good time, and here are some pictures, edited by Bayu Seno for free. I'll upload some more later,k.

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