so i cooked today and i feel so damn fat, look at my cheek, it'll explode anytime soon.

i never thought that i could ever cook at least something eat-able. and what i was cooking this afternoon was pretty delicious for a beginner like me, and i ate like crazy and gave myself compliments for keep on saying this is great and tasty, how could someone like me even cook this kind of food. LOL. but today was really great!!

P.S : The first pic, was my outfit today, I wore my black UGG boots maybe for the last time, well today the sun was shinning, and i felt like really warm wearing those boots but yeah i'm gonna miss those layered outfits soon when Summer comes. but hey hello summer! and i keep on saying get rid of the stripes soon, i'm fucking sick seeing people wearing stripes everywhere, but i wore it though, LOL, i was too lazy to get change, so it was also my pajamas for the previous nite, oh yes i haven't took a bath and i went to the city center to take a walk and do a do a little shopping with my roomie.
P.S.S : as you can see my cheek, so I gain another 4 kgs, (okay yeah yeah yeah its horrible). errrrr.. what am i gonna do with my diet plan? i can cook!! :/


Anonymous said...

You call it "fat", I'd call it "healthy" ;)
There are so many girls on the world who would do anything to have ur body!!! *just take me as example ;)* hehehe

You look fantastic anyway <3

love, Sarah

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