my first contribution

so this is what happened if you got super-speed-internet-connection in your room.
i should've called myself as an internet whore or so ever, but it is kinda normal when you got nothing to do and you're too lazy to move your ass from bed and put some make up on, besides, the weather isn't that great that i have to wear coat to walk outside, so i prefer to spend my free time blogging after those long spending hours studying german grammar which is really tiring.

so i decided to participate on online fashion magazine, since i don't really take a good care of my lookbook, i try to find something else fun. so hopefully my score would be as great as the other, but it doesn't matter, i have fun with this.

p.s : i blog so much recently to prove that i'm still being productive or so ever.
so catchya lateeeey! love, Arika.


Slanelle said...

Hi, I'm slanelle from HYPEED ! I'm glad you decided to join us, your photos are your style are so cool !

See you soon on HYPEED,


Arika Indra said...

Hello Slanelle! thanks for dropping the comment, its my pleasure to join it! I hope I can contribute better next time!


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