The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.

P.S : Yes, I wore high heels while fighting with idk another hundred customers at Primark, FFM. You know what? I normally love to go shopping, but now, I'd say a big no to shop, in that kind of situation, I could've been die just for 4 euro pairs of beach sandals, geez, that was totally chaotic.
And yes too, I love my new fedora. So catchya latey, Love, Arika.

P.S.S : I've already prepared all the things that I wanna bring to Mallorca, I really can't wait for this trip, like totally! But unfortunately, I can't visit my siblings who are now living in Hannover, wish me my brother in law a very good health and luck, because he's having major ortho surgery in the upcoming week!


gyist said...

heart all of your pict so bad . i wish i was there with you, mbak na .

Obrolan Blogger.com said...

Rika, bentar...bentar...
kamu ini sekarang tinggal dimana sih, asyik juga baca tulisanmu

kalo sempet mampir ke blog ku, aku seneng banget


kita bisa share apa saja disana
tak tunggu ya makasih banget sebelumnya
salam - satrio

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