i get bored the whole night :p so i made this unintentionally!

I love my beanie so much, I found it few days ago in my closet, and I'm like wearing it the whole time to everywhere, and I made this kind of video total unintentionally! I was like playing guitar the whole time after studying for like crazy, and I just got the idea to record it and kind of publish it here. I know I can't play guitar that well, and I am lucky that I got guitar right now, but still, I KNOW MY VOICE IS SUCKS, I CAN'T LITERALLY SING, but what so ever. I don't care. I just had fun :)

P.S : maybe I looked a bit weird because i keep looking on the cam, which is not actually like that, it's because I keep on peeking the page where you can see the lyrics and also the chords, i told you, it's been so long since i play guitar, i thought it's almost a year, so I obviously forgot every chords on it. bla bla bla. this video is sucks, and whatever! and yes, it doesn't represent my feeling after all (at all), this song is just my favorite song of my whole life time, since I was in elementary school (i guess). So, it has nothing to do with anything.
P.S.S : see my previous post, i already post the lyric of this song.
P.S.S.S : Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger!


gyist said...

hehehe . i download your video yaa . :))

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