Look at the clock, what time is it?
13:52 pm Home Time Zone : Berlin (+1)

What time did you wake up this morning?
06:00, didn't snooze the alarm at all.

What woke you up?
gotta work, people!

Do you own a casette tape of Britney Spears?
i guess not, maybe my mom has it. :p

Do you have a MySpace account?
yep, but totally forgot about it.

Would you give your password to anyone else?
yup, and it's totally stupid, because i just dumb-founded it, that, somebody's trying to stalk me and crossing the line of my privacy, and I'll never do such thing anymore, oh but my best-girlfriend knows all of my password.

How are you?
totally sleepy, had cocktail and sharing-time last night with my new apple-of-my-eyes-girl-kinda-best-friend Mimz, and went bed really late, and gotta work at 7:30, so didn't get enough sleep.

Any idea for today?
Well gotta work a lot tonite, i guess, and after work maybe just blog some stuff.

How about tomorrow?
pick up my big sister maybe to Frankfurt Int'l Airport, and going to gossip about EVERYTHING, I have like literally lot of things to tell her.

Sunrise or sunset do you like the most?
at this season, I would say i just love when the sun is shinning, so sunshine it is.

What if you’re a gay, who would be your gay partner?
Dwi Ajeng Asmarandhany, my bestfriend for sure, she's a model, she's tall, she's totally pretty, and i would fall for her looks and also personality. and oh yeah can I have Kaya Scodelario for sure? :p

What if you’re a mom, how many children do you want to have?
dunno but definitely boySSS.

And pssst, who would be your husband?
someone good.

Do you like green?
I love Greene! LOL *i'm so a Friends-whore*

Who is the third person to send you message in your inbox?
My Tita Badette.

Who is your idol?
Audrey Hepburn and Lisa Ono.

It’s about midnight, you’re sleeping and suddenly your crush phones you, do you take the call?
definitely no. sleeping is way to sacral for me.

Do you have any enemy?
i have more enemies than friends, people don't really like me a lot, because i was pretty much ignorant. :p but it's not that sad, well I don't care.

2007, your opinion?
was totally in love. LOL.

2007, anything you miss in that year?
i would have said yes. but, now, i don't think so.

2007 and 2008 and 2009, make comparison.
2007, I told you I was totally in love with someone. 2008 having a good life with my friends and family, and 2009 un-describable, too many things happened in 2009. like stepping forward into another phase of a new life, i would say. idk. 2009 is way, way too much.

How often do you say bad words (like fuck, shit, damn etc)
when something bothers? well everybody does.

What’s your ambition?
get into college this year, and stay in Germany for sure. yeah. totally.

Would you have a jobless spouse?
i guess not, I always fall for someone who's at least know what he's doing and stuffs. so, no.

Who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
somebody who's actually almost get engaged and have a serious step in life with me, so piss about it off right now, but yeah, i count it as a also a part of my life, and i'm happy now, well at least i got a little-heart-broken-story to tell, and it's fun. i wouldn't have oh so static life, so, it's cool.

Do you still miss him/her?
well to be honest, he was like more than a bf, like family, so idk. we already got our own life, and because it's published (LOL) i would say, NO.

Do you wish to turn back the time and change something?
yes. there's one thing.

Do you like exams?
i love exams, i love having nervous feeling and relieving myself off after exams, its kinda fun.

Have you ever kiss your teacher?

Who did you hug today?
a grandpa, my neighbor. he's lovely.

Any big event for today?
no, nothing.

Science or Mathematics, which do you prefer?
maths! i love maths!

History or Art, are they equally interesting?
art is always been more interesting than any other subject, i would say.

Do you wear braces?
i had.

Do you have your own cameras?
haven't bought it yet until now. money money money. :p

Your house is on fire, you can only take 3 things out with you. What would the 3 things be?
idk, i thought that'd be enough for my documents, well i've developed a special feeling to my blackberry, so she'll come w/ me (and i just called it a she, well i'm not so sure :p)

If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be?
idk dont have any idea. i watch no cartoon. well it would be possibly Doraemon. then i'll have so much sophisticated stuff and all :D

You’re allowed to do anything in this world, ANYTHING. What would you do?
tell people to do good deeds. and make sure that they definitely do it.

Do you use blankets at night?

How high is your vocabulary?
for at least i can communicate very well with people.

Who do you miss the most at this moment?
my mom, and my dad. like totally, oh and my cold-hearted-bf. :p well i miss him, whatever, i'm chessy.

What do you want to do RIGHT NOW?
like having my family with me (and Natasha's answer is definitely the same according to mine ~cuddle with my cold-hearted-bf and whatever.)


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