Things I Always Wanted and Will Have Soon :p

I've been wanting this since I was 7 years old. Call me tattoo-obsessed. When I was so much younger I used to collect a temporary tattoos. I love to use 'em because I know I didn't have guts to make one when I was younger. I am now considering to make one on my own, I really want to have a tattoo since like forever. Not that I don't have guts to make it, or religion issues or so ever, I'm just going to have some little time to think which tattoo I should make. I really want one tattoo just one of a kind, but until now I really don't have any idea. I've had bar code temporary tattoo on my neck when I was like 16 years old and I have to admit that was good on me, but this theme is so over all the world, this one is not one of a kind, for sure, but I could save some space later for this one if I really want it.

I would be interested to put one on my back head, on my back neck or shoulders, or even on the back of my ears. The most important thing from making this one artwork is not how can it be clear to be seen with people. That's not the main part of making a tattoo. I would make mine a bit private so then I could show it just for my closest friends and family. Because the essence of the tattoo itself is just a self-complementing, it just don't feel right for me if I get a chance to make one, then I show it off, it's not the essence.
I would really love to have one kind of piano on my back shoulders or on my wrist. I've done the temporary once, and it was damn good on me. I've been looking for make this one happen, someday.
A writing tattoo is always cool on itself. I really wanna make one of this someday :)
Rihanna is also has a good taste on picking up spot to draw her tattoos. These are beyond cool!!
I would have to prepare so many things before I make one on my own, because it's a lot od sacrifices need to be done, and I guess my Dad wouldn't ever understand this things. I guess Mom would be a bit pissed out about this, but, I know I'm a grown up, and I guess I have rights to considering what I have to be or not to be done. Tattoo is an artwork for me. It's an art for itself.

Which one you think I should pick, guys? You can just drop your comment right below this post and help me pick which spot? While I should considering to tell my parents about this and try to save some money on my own to make this happen. But still, this would lasts forever, and I just want to make it damn right, so I'm guessing I could hold it for 1-2 or more years to take time to think about the essence on which tattoo I should make for me.


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