Brunch at H&M Store

So, this morning I decided to go to shopping center to buy some stuffs, I have to buy a present for my guest kid who will be having her birthday on this weekend. So then I went to Heidelberg Shopping Center, and used to be known as Bismarckplatz. I tell you what, that place is god damn beautiful. We can take a long walk along the Bismarckplatz and shop till drop, because the whole street they had like hundred or more shopping store such as H&M, Zara, Pimkie, Orsay, etc.

One thing I love most about Germany is H&M. They sell such good stuffs with good price also. So I bought some stuffs here and I'll tease you out guys with these photos.

so this nickel-gold-long necklace I bought it for like 6,95 euro, I'm planning to wear this with the goldies bracelets I bought today to The Temper Trap concert.

just another white tees, I love mono-tone tees :D

another pic from my favorite stuff!

so this one cost me about 4,95 euro, I love it anyway.
And this stripes tee, I bought it for 10,95 euro. Really worth it because it has a perfect materials, and really comfortable, other than, stripy is so damn happening the very right now. Well I don't care if its becoming such a huge trend for now. I'm just lovin' it. It's comfortable and suitable for me. I'll wear this out on The Temper Trap Concert (my life lately seems all about The Temper Trap, i don't know either why.)

so black bow hair pieces, they're sweet, right? and cheap, wanna know how much was that cost? just 2,95 euro, really good stuffs and good price, huh?

so I bought these ethnic goldies bracelets for only 6,95 euro.

so, I bought these bracelets for only 5 euro, and that worth for it. happy happy.


And this necklace is my favorite among all. I've been wanting it since I saw a girl wore it so nicely, and I bought it for like 8,95 euro. A little bit expensive but it's okay, I want it indeed.

and so these cute flats, I bought it for 10,95 euro each. The little one is for Nicola, my guest-kid. And the right one, mmm I guess for me? Maybe? But anyway they're sweet right?

Oh and yes, my purse was almost stolen by a middle-age woman there at H&M, she even grab it and actually succeed for taking it out from my bag, I really had a good alarm for that even though I was like busy looking up for bracelets. Then I shouted like, "Hey, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ACTUALLY!!?" then I grabbed back my purse and I was just shocked at the moment, and people around me were just like shocked too, instead of telling the security, I shouted again,"FUCK OFF, GET LOST!!". Actually it was pretty embarrassing because I could have make it better to bring her to security other than shouting like I have no manner or so what. But it was like a near-to-death moment, because I got only like not more than a hundred euros inside it and my passport were in there too.
So I am really lucky today, really thanks to you, God. And beside my passport, my international driving licensed were also on my purse. And what more important is, that purse itself, I got it from my mom as a birthday present, and she would kill me right away if she knows I'd lost it, but I would kill myself also to get that purse back to me. It's a rarely a-bit-expensive purse made from a real snake leather, and it's green. So once again, thank you God, for keeping me safe.

I would kill myself to get this purse back if I lost it once

and it wouldn't be harmful to try some of them on, and post my tired face on this post, right? Catch up with you guys later on my blogspot. Keep peeking, guys!

Heidelberg, February 23rd 2010.


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