Never Take Life Seriously, Nobody Gets Out Alive Anyway

Black Leather Jacket by H&M, Tore Jeans by unknown brand, Black Stilettos by Mango

Lately, I've been haunted by this "cute" statement which is really true. "Never Take Life Seriously, Nobody Gets Out Alive Anyway." This reflect so much, let's just call my current issue, my last relationship. I've been meaning to call or cut these off, but somehow I still feel a bit left. I don't know, let say less-filled. Not to mention that I'm not happy or anything. I am literally happy, this new life, new networks, new relationship, I would never ask for more. But after all I've been through, I've been doing all things unbelievably serious, this one really got me, got the hell outta me. I feel enough of plans and so on. Just so you know, I'm already moving on to a so called a better spot, a comfort zone, I wouldn't ever leave. But still got this emptiness behind me, I still feel left behind apart. Idk, maybe I should stop doing plan or something else related on that. And just let life flow away.


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