Take Me To Hospital, I still Feel Funny.

If you could just picture my self like this. I bet you won't even believe any of what I've said to you today. If only I could hug you just for a minute. I'll get even so much better. No. I'll get the best feeling I have ever had.
I'm changing, yes I know I am. If you could only understand.

If only you could've been understand. What I've been through.
If only you could've been here for me. All I want is now. To hug you.

Is to hug you.

This minutes is the hardest time I ever been through.
I miss you more than you could ever think.

I feel funny. Is this gonna be forever?
I'm not even under-marijuana-effect, or defekt in German. LOL.
This song playlist plays obnoxiously. I still feel funny.

How am I gonna handle this?
Can I just stop pretending?
I'm not even near to be called that strong?

Could I just running away from this?
I know early, I may fall apart before I wake.
Therefore, should I stop struggling?

Why do I complain so (too) much?
Why people did so?
Why are we here exactly?

Can you show me where the exit is?
I wanna stop running before I wake up. This one is exhausting. Even coffees can't help.




I feel funny and also romantic. I'm laughing my ass off.
Can I ever feel better? I have experienced the best feeling ever, when I'm with you.
So there is no way, right?

I don't have any ways, this one is insanely funny.

I want you, I crave you, I need you, You mean happiness to me.
It's all no bullshit.

But i still feel a bit funny.

Take me to the hospital. Cos I still feel funny. I can't help it.

Even cups of coffee can't help.


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