I'm still waiting, though I'm in pain, Sir. It's okay. Wed at 8:39am

I thank you God, for taking those chances away.
I'm pathetic.
Nothing else matters.
I'm dead, and I'm picking up trash in dresses.

But God please let him know, that I'm not faking my feeling for him.

"I was crazy over you, you should know that you were really a life for me."
you took this pic, remember. oh you already know i was gonna wait for you. this pose is just prfct.

But now I'm waiting in death.
:) though, I'm still waiting.
I think. We're just dismissed it, well it's my turn to figure it out.
You could just sit, and watch, and here we are.

Is this the only way for me?

When can get off these gloomiest days, and yes your birthday is a few days more.
And if you could remember a little, a year ago, your birthday was so beautifully planned.
Well.. If you ever change your feelings for me, it's your right and that's okay. But please let me be the one who's going to re-build this. You can go, or anything, I'm already burned, and guess I'm dead.

But the most important is, I'm not faking my feelings for you. You should know that, how many times I keep writing all of these notes for you, I'm still gonna convince you, that I was crazy enough about you, but yes I already runs out my tears, I can't drop anymore tears, cause I'm already dead.
It's nice to be dead, all I do here, is waiting for you, a life coming back for sure, I'm commiting myself not to run from it, I'm going to wait until my life is coming back to me.
I'm not a trash, you could make it right, will you? Even if I'm a jerk, I'm still not a trash.
Can you note that also, I came to by all of the sudden circumstances, and I still don't blame you for leaving in this kind of situation.
I convince, I'm not running away from this, I'm waiting.

Oh I wish that I was looking into your eyes, you're like an indian summer in the middle of winter, like a hard candy, with a surprise in the center, and tell me, please how do I get BETTER, onece I GOT THE BEST. You said there's tons of fish in the water, but I'm not going to test the water.
I'm just gonna wait. I wish you were here.
I have no more place to escape, or somebody to share to. I have already nothing bothers me, so if you could notice a little, I'm already destroyed by myself because I'm not letting myself over you (for the thousand times, I'm still not faking my feeling for you). I'm speaking for just finding the reason why would God created both of us, and these circumstances is killing me. But though I'm still waiting, even in a pain, I'm still waiting.
So please don't blame me sir, for keeping my self to write notes I don't usually do. Well sir, yiu were the only person shares everything. And without you, writing is just a best way, I found. If you somehow, disturbed by any kind of these garbages, please just let me know, I'm going to stop this, yes..I'm gonna do anything to make you..to a little bit fix you, anything, to make my life back soon.

I'm going to leave you for 365 nights away. And that's going to be perfect. I'm not going to let a little myself touch you and hurt you. Oh how I'm going to miss you, sir.

I'm still writing, I'm still waiting.. No matter how hurt these are, nothing bothers me anymore, I let the time doing right.
I'm still waiting for you Sir, though I'm in pain. Though you're in pain too. But Sir, just sit and watch.


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